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GEA Bloksma is known all over the world as an innovative, dedicated and reliable heat exchanger partner. For more than 80 years GEA Bloksmas success is based upon quality products, broad experience, research & development and long-term relationships with customers. GEA Bloksma designs and manufactures its products to the highest standards to ensure a long operational lifetime and durability. If required, the products can be quality assured by all main certification societies. GEA Bloksma provides a complete after sales service from supply of spare parts to inspection, maintenance and repair.

      • GEA Bloksma B.V. in Almere (Netherlands)
        GEA Bloksma B.V. in Almere (Netherlands)
      • GEA Bloksma B.V. in Almere (Netherlands)
        GEA Bloksma B.V. in Almere (Netherlands)

Pieter Bloksma - A coppersmith by profession.

In 1920 Bloksma was founded by Pieter Bloksma, a coppersmith by profession. He started up his business in a small cellar, located in the centre of Amsterdam (The Netherlands), repairing radiators. After a few years he began, together with four of his sons, the production of radiators. In the thirties a complete network of workshops was founded by Bloksma.

At the end of the forties Bloksma started the design and production of shell & tube heat exchangers. Production facilities were moved from Amsterdam to Diemen for air-cooled heat exchangers and Zutphen, where the production of shell & tube type coolers was concentrated.

In 1979 Bloksma moved and concentrated the production in Almere, located in the centre of the Netherlands.

Since 2008 Bloksma has been a part of the worldwide acting Kelvion Group in Bochum, Germany, and is now named GEA Bloksma B.V.

Bloksma has built up a respected name in the field of heat exchangers for oil, water and air purposes for a variety of applications such as diesel engines, gearboxes, hydraulics booster- and separator modules, turbines, transformers and compressors.

At any time and everywhere

Our experienced engineers offer comprehensive customer service ranging from planning to development and production up to after-sales service. GEA Bloksma provides confidence on which our customers can rely on at any time.

Our inventory for all equipment

GEA Bloksma has a complete and comprehensive spare parts inventory for all equipment sold.

You can rely on our network and logistic organization to ensure fast response times to all parts needed. We also can advise you which parts should be stocked to guarantee your equipment for its life.

Spare part price lists

Field service: Your reliable partner - everywhere

Our field service draws together the expertise of the entire GEA Bloksma organization to meet the requirements of your business.

You can expect short response times from dedicated contact persons. We earn our client's continuing confidence with high quality products and services in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Our goal is to be the best. By satisfying clients and motivating employees, we will assure growth and long term profitability.

Warranty protocol

GEA Bloksma products are manufactured with high quality and skill.

In most cases products are supplied together with a society class certificate or a CEPED certificate. When no official pressure test or QA procedure is required, GEA Bloksma will supply goods according to the DNV QA policy.

When a GEA Bloksma component is not supplied correctly of fails on duty, we have the following policy:

Your claim message should always provide the full details such as:

  • order number
  • drawing number
  • heat exchanger type
  • delivery date.

If possible we prefer to receive digital pictures, examples or other materials useful for having as much information possible in order to enable us to understand the situation.

If a replacement component is (urgently) required, GEA Bloksma can supply goods after receipt of formal order. In cases like these it is common that failing components will be returned for inspection addressed to GEA Bloksma. Please be aware of the policy for returned goods for inspection, which is available at our website: "Acceptance of incoming service goods".

After inspection of returned service goods with or without warranty claims, we can inform whether warranty is applicable or if repair is possible. In order to act and reply on your request soonest, we require as much available information on the case as possible.

The GEA Bloksma management

Acceptance of incoming service goods

Acceptance of incoming service goods in order to maintain a high quality manufacturing facility and provide a safe and healthy environment for our personnel, GEA Bloksma has established regulations governing the acceptance and handling of incoming service items.

Incoming service items will be inspected prior to unloading. Items that do not comply with these regulations will be rejected and returned to the customer at the customer's expense.

Customers sending items to GEA Bloksma's repair facility should first take care that the following regulations are adhered to:

Heat exchangers must be empty of fluids:

  • All heat exchangers must first be completely emptied, sealed and must not contain oil or other fluid what so ever
  • Heat exchangers must be sealed with appropriate steel flanges with gaskets and threaded pipe plugs as required to prevent any possible leakage

Heat exchangers must be cleaned:

  • All coolers must be cleaned prior to shipping to GEA Bloksma's repair facility for reasons of safety and to enable proper inspection and diagnosis
  • Heat exchangers will only be accepted accompanied by a formal certificate stating that the item has been thoroughly cleaned and contains no hazardous fluids or materials
  • If coolers arrive at GEA Bloksma's repair facility without having been thoroughly emptied and cleaned, GEA Bloksma will either reject the shipment or charge the customer for cleaning of the items and disposal of any hazardous fluids

Heat exchangers must be properly documented:

  • To best enable GEA Bloksma to provide excellent customer service and response all service goods must be shipped to Blokma's repair facility properly marked to indicate the origin and accompanied by specific instructions as to the requested repairs or issue with the item
  • Incoming service items arriving without proper markings indicating customer and application and additional instructions will be rejected and returned to the customer at the customer's expense

Incoming service items that comply with the above requirements will be received by GEA Bloksma for evaluation, diagnosis and repair as required. Prior to undertaking any repair work or service, GEA Bloksma will provide the customer with a thorough evaluation report and recommendations for the repair, overhaul or replacement of the item.

If a customer decides not to repair a service item received and evaluated by GEA Bloksma, the customer must arrange for the item to be removed from GEA Bloksma's repair facility in a maximum of 3 weeks time.

If service items are not picked up within this time period, GEA Bloksma is entitled to scrap goods and retain any proceeds from doing so.
If a customer decides to replace a service item received and evaluated by GEA Bloksma instead of repairing the original, this original service item will become property of GEA Bloksma, unless the customer clearly specifies otherwise.

The GEA Bloksma management

Research & Development

Since the founding of Bloksma in the twenties Research & Development were one of the core activities.

Through the years GEA Bloksma managed to obtain many patents and especially nowadays a lot of attention is given to Research & Development.

It is of great importance to continually up-date with the latest technology as well as design and production methods, which guarantees optimal calculations and high quality products.

Engineering on a highest level

The reliable and long lasting lifetime of GEA Bloksma products have been well developed by the GEA Bloksma R&D team. A group of engineers with multiple capabilities and engineering skills which is continuously working to keep the highest level of engineering quality for GEA Bloksma products alive.

We believe that this is something you might expect from a top level player in heat exchanger manufacturing.

Of course all GEA Bloksma products are being manufactured at the GEA Bloksma site by GEA Bloksma people.

The high standard of our manufacturing facility together with GEA Bloksma superior engineering makes a long lasting and durable product possible to supply to your address.

If required, the products can be quality assured by all main certification societies.

GEA Bloksma is certified according to ISO 9001-2000.

Our heat exchangers are accepted by all main marine classification authorities. We have been authorised to execute inspections for

  • DNV
  • MRS
  • RINA
  • ABS

by authorised people.

Since 2002 GEA Bloksma has been approved for CE-PED certificate and has authorisation for executing inspections within the CE-PED requirements.

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