Kelvion Refrigeration B.V.

Kelvion Refrigeration B.V.

formerly GEA Goedhart B.V.


Kelvion in the Netherlands is at the cutting edge of the development and production of high quality standard and non standard finned heat exchangers. Over 80 years production of industrial refrigeration technology has developed Kelvion into a specialist in application focused and custom engineered solutions for refrigeration systems. Our “designed-to-order” philosophy and highly efficient and flexible production lines enable us to produce optimized heat exchangers for every application.

      • Kelvion Refrigeration B.V.
        Kelvion Refrigeration B.V. in Sint Maartensdijk

The distinguishing power that Kelvion has developed over decades, can be found in their customer-oriented approach: designed-to-order. All heat exchangers are developed in joint consultation with the customer. Then, highly efficient production lines meet the demand in a flexible way, and there are hardly any boundaries. That is also because of the extra supply of a wide assortment of standard products.

Kelvion Refrigertation B.V. supplies optimal configurations of air coolers and air-cooled condensers for large scale cooling and freezing purposes in the industrial market. Custom-engineered and adapted standards with regard to specification delivered directly or via installers, plus specials for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). Kelvion Refrigeration B.V.'s customers are located in Western Europe, branching out into Eastern Europe and Asia.

For design and production the highly qualified employees have state-of-the-art developments in automation and technique at their disposal. Total Quality Management by means of the tried and tested Kaizen system guarantees optimal efficiency and sustainability.

Both production sites of Kelvion Refrigeration B.V., in Sint Maartensdijk and in Nymburk, have been certified according to ISO 9001 and the European PED-guideline for pressure systems. In addition to this, Goedhart in Sint Maartensdijk is an apprentice and internship company, officially acknowledged by Kenteq for the training and education of technical experts and by ECABO for administrative and ICT qualifications.

    • Strategy & Mission
    • Kelvion would like to be and remain the number one in the niche market of non-commercial refrigeration systems in Europe and abroad. As a designer, producer and supplier of application-oriented solutions with air coolers and air-cooled condensers for industry.

      By making optimal use of the synergy of R&D within the group and by accepting only the customer’s limits of production in finding solutions, Kelvion can fulfil this mission.

      Apart from this, Kelvion would also like to be a respectable and neat company. In two ways: neat and respectable due to the application of total quality management, and socially by means of sustainable developments in the field of energy-efficient configurations, applications for natural refrigerants (CO2 and NH3) and increased application of indirect cooling.

    • Standards
    • Tradition and specialisation
      At its factories in Sint-Maartensdijk and Nymburk Kelvion manufactures high quality heat exchangers, utilizing all the best-known primary and secondary refrigerants for a wide variety of industrial and semi-industrial applications.

      The extensive ranges of high quality, reliable and modern Goedhart heat exchangers are used in both industrial applications (cold stores, tunnel freezers, slaughter houses, pasta production, etc.) and semi-industrial/ commercial applications (fresh produce storage, flowers, processing units). . The products have been designed, developed and built by people who know just how much can depend on attention to detail and are distributed worldwide to contractors, distributors and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's). More than 80% of our heat exchangers are developed in close co-operation with our customers to meet their particular specifications. That means that our partners are assured of always having the very best refrigeration solutions.

      Knowledge, Flexibility and Quality
      You can't compare apples with oranges, or potatoes with bananas, for that matter, and there's a world of difference between a processing unit and a tunnel freezer. The demands that a heat exchanger must satisfy are every bit as diverse as the applications for which they are employed.

      Kelvion knows what is required for your product!
      Together with our customer, we carry out a project specific analysis of the customer's wishes and needs to arrive at the most appropriate solution.

      Computerised calculation programs and parametric design systems provide technical support for our staff of refrigeration consultants and designers.

      Durable and Reliable
      A Goedhart evaporator is the heart of every cooling system. Even after years of use, the evaporator must still meet the demands for which it was designed and deliver at the specified capacity. As a quality producer Kelvion Refrigeration B.V. is ISO 9001 and PED module H certified, to provide you with the guarantee that you are always getting the very highest quality products.

      You can be certain that year after year, a Goedhart heat exchanger will deliver the performance that you expected when you first selected it.

      With the knowledge and experience of the whole Grasso Group we are able to satisfy the most refined demands of our customers and finalize the most unusual orders

      Sustainability comes first
      Cooling wastes the most energy in the world. Apart from this there is the direct environmental effect of chemical refrigerants, gasses that influence the atmospheric conditions such as ‘global warming’. It is of great importance to entrepreneurs with social responsibility such as Kelvion, to keep the effects of refrigeration systems on our everyday surroundings as friendly as possible. Sustainability comes first. Kelvion continually invests in energy efficiency, both in products and in the business surroundings. On all fronts, the continuous question is whether it can be done (even) more economically. Waste is considered a rest product and as such brought back into the production process.

      Natural refrigerants
      As a sustainable and ecologically sound alternative for chemical refrigerants such as HCF, Kelvion has chosen to use natural refrigerants, carbon dioxide (CO2) and ammonia (NH3).

      Quality = Kaizen
      Kelvion Refrigeration B.V. embraces the Japanese improvement principle of Kaizen. By continuously working on the improvement of productivity with respect for their own employees in a labour friendly environment, quality will increase on the shop floor, the team spirit will grow, waste will be driven back and handling will be standardized. Kelvion Refrigeration B.V. employs a full-time QHS-coordinator and has its own Kaizen manager. Total Quality Management, combined with attention given to occupational health and safety (Arbo) and the environment, has led to a major efficiency improvement: more production with the same number of people on a smaller area with a steady energy consumption. The added value of this quality awareness, namely improved work morale and increased efficiency has enabled Kelvion Refrigeration B.V. to evolve from a traditional metal company into a state-of-the-art and sustainable industry

    • History
    • Over more then 75 years production of industrial refrigeration technology has developed Kelvion Refrigeration B.V. into a specialist in application focused and custom engineered solutions for refrigeration systems. Our “designed-to-order” philosophy and highly efficient and flexible production lines enable us to produce optimised heat exchangers for every application.

      1933 Cor Goedhart starts producing air coolers in Rotterdam

      1936 Together with his brother Aard he founds “Gebroeders Goedhart”. The company produces evaporation systems for industrial cooling

      1964 Goedhart moves to Sint Maartensdijk in Zeeland in order to expand its production

      1969 Goedhart is taken over by “Vanandel Verenigde Bedrijven”

      1987 Independent again! Start of an era of success!

      1989-1992 Futher expanding from the production.

      1994 Certified according to ISO 9001

      1995 Goedhart Bohemia is founded, a production and sales subsidiary in the Czech Republic

      1996 Implementation of the revolutionary parametric design system “Radan”

      1998 Goedhart Bohemia moves to wholly owned premises in Nymburk, Czech Republic

      2002 PED module H, first in the industry

      2004 Purchase of 100% of the shares of Goedhart Holding by Grasso KMF

      2005-2007 Big investments in the production, like line production and new machines

      2008-2009 New plate work department, Full automatically

      2010 GEA Goedhart part of GEA Heat Exchanger Segment

      2015 GEA Goedhart B.V. changes the name to Kelvion Refrigeration B.V.

    • R&D
    • Innovation – continual optimization

      The refrigeration technique is an old technique, with traditional principles. Therefore, the challenge for Kelvion’s engineers does not lie in the invention of a new technique, but in the optimization of the existing one. Improvement is a continuous process. Innovative additional techniques play a significant role in this process. Especially in Kelvion’s specialist custom engineering: design-to-order. In this case the latest CAD/CAM developments in the field of parametric drawing are used. The state-of-the-art line production has been set up according to the innovative insights into productivity of Kaizen. And the R&D department closely collaborates with knowledge centers within Kelvion Group, such as the test laboratory in Baierbrunn, Germany.

    • Employees
    • Working within Kelvion

      Kelvion Refrigeration B.V. builds designed-to-order air coolers and air cooled condensers for applications in the (semi) industrial refrigeration systems.

      Kelvion Refrigeration B.V. is part of the community of the Zeeland island of Tholen. Because of this strategic location the company has relatively short and direct connections to urban junctions such as Rotterdam and Antwerp. The contactability also goes for the employees.

      Due to the application of the Kaizen principle Kelvion’s quality does not only apply externally as added value for customers, but also internally for the employees. A clean and friendly work environment has constant attention, just like the team spirit inspired by collegiality: working together on a high quality product.

      As a acknowledged Apprentice and internship company Kelvion Refrigeration B.V. can develop talent into skilled experts internally, both in the technical field via Kenteq and in the administrative and ICT field via ECABO

    • Services
    • After Sales Support


      A service coordinator and specially trained and a experienced technical engineer are on stand-by to give full technical assistance and after-sales service.

      Spare Parts
      A parts organization has been established to supply the necessary spare parts worldwide

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