Kelvion Thermal Solutions S.A.S.

Kelvion Thermal Solutions S.A.S.

formerly GEA Batignolles Technologies Thermiques SAS


With 95% exportation, 4/5 out of the European Union, Kelvion Thermal Solutions S.A.S. is a major producer worldwide for process Air Cooled Heat Exchangers. Having 35 000 tons of air fin coolers (ie 2 500 bundles) delivered each year, our aim is to provide quality products and state of the art services to our customers of oil and gas industry. With more than 45 000 tube bundles produced, Kelvion Thermal Solutions S.A.S. is one of the world leaders in the field of air cooled heat exchangers for Oil & Gas applications.

      • Headquarters of Kelvion Thermal Solutions S.A.S.
        Headquarters of Kelvion Thermal Solutions S.A.S.
      • Office Qatar
        Office Qatar
      • Office China
        Office China

Kelvion Thermal Solutions S.A.S. has 3 production sites: in France, China and Qatar to serve worldwide market. In addition, the company has partnership agreements in South Korea, South Eastern Asia and Russia, and is parterning with other production facilities belonging to Kelvion Group in USA and Spain.
Since 2006, Kelvion Thermal Services S.A.S. was created as a service subsidiary, whose aim  is to provide technical expertise and support to all Aircooler customers.


The Nantes factory is built by a private company named “Locomotives Batignolles-Chatillon” (L.B.C.).



The factory produced its first heat exchangers for the petrochemical industries and oil refineries.


The 1st process air-cooled heat exchanger is manufactured in the factory.



GEA takes over Batignolles factory located in Nantes FRANCE and creates Batignolles Technologies Thermiques SA. The company became within 5 years a major player on the global market for API 661 Air-cooled Heat Exchangers.

1980s – 1990s

GEA Batignolles Technologies Thermiques became the main partner of Japanese, European and American EPC contractors for the new markets of emerging countries in Middle East and South Eastern Asia. GEA Batignolles Technologies Thermiques developed Air-cooled Vacuum Steam Condensers for oil and gas applications.

1980s – 1990s


GEA Batignolles Technologies Thermiques opens, in addition to its French site, two subsidiaries in Qatar and China, becoming a worldwide leader for process air-cooled heat exchangers market. It also develops the field services, through the creation of GEA Airflow Services, a subsidiary dedicated to performance and reliability improvements.


The Fintubes and Headers manufacturing improves its capabilities with the latest welding and machining technologies, NDT testing, bar coding systems. The company is running under SAP.


GEA Batignolles Technologies Thermiques opens a new workshop and inaugurates its new headquarters


GEA Batignolles Technologies Thermiques is a global leader in the field of air cooled heat exchangers for oil & gas, petrochemical, power & energy applications, supplying major industrial customers throughout the world.


GEA Batignolles Technologies Thermiques S.A.S. changes the name to Kelvion Thermal Solutions S.A.S.

Nantes - France

The site of Nantes is the historical site of the company, holding the main factory, as well as its headquarters. Kelvion Thermal Solutions S.A.S. is highly experienced in special design by using exotic materials: Titanium, Monel, Incolloy, Duplex, super Duplex for severe services (H2S, Sour Wet, Lethal...) Our tubes manufacturing is performed with in-house improved machinery for extruded fins and latest available technology for wrap-on fins. Furthermore, the Nantes site holds the offices of Kelvion Thermal Services S.A.S., a subsidiary of Kelvion Thermal Solutions S.A.S., dedicated to the supply of expert services in the field of industrial Air Coolers and Air-cooled Condensers.

Changshu - China

Kelvion Thermal Solutions S.A.S. had to satisfy the growing demand of the Asian markets. The Changshu factory was founded in 2005 in the east of China (1 hour west of Shanghai). This new facility is operating based upon Kelvion technology and quality. A group of expatriates from Kelvion France is embedded in the staff of the Chang Shu location. The China factory is 100% Kelvion Thermal Solutions' subsidiary. 


  • Being closer to the Asian customers for a better reactivity and competitivity
  • Providing international standards for design and manufacturing  to the Chinese customers and serve them better

Doha - Qatar

In order to satisfy the increasing demand of the Middle East market and to be a player in the growing economy of GCC countries, GEA Batignolles Technologies Thermiques Qatar signed an agreement with the Qatary group ALMANA Trad. Co. for the construction of the facilities, and rental of the facilities through an operational lease.

In October 2006, GEA Batignolles Technologies Thermiques Qatar factory was commissioned. GEA Batignolles Technologies Thermiques Qatar is based upon Kelvion's industrial processes. GEA Batignolles Technologies Thermiques Qatar is 100% Kelvion Thermal Solutions' subsidiary.


  • GEA Batignolles Technologies Thermiques Qatar is located near to the port facility to deliver large size bundles and modules to Middle East customers.
  • GEA Batignolles Technologies Thermiques Qatar is focusing on finning, bundle assembly and module assembly.
  • GEA Batignolles Technologies Thermiques Qatar is operated with the highest manufacturing and testing International standards.
  • GEA Batignolles Technologies Thermiques Qatar is more reactive and more competitive being close to its customers.

Product capacity: 600 bundles/year

As part of a global organization specialist of heat exchangers, Kelvion is committed to increase performance and reliability of air cooled heat exchangers.

Kelvion deals with complex customers technical requirements, including: heat duty, allowed pressure drop, maximum noise level, plot plan restriction, electrical power consumption, extreme environmental conditions and other specific requests.

To achieve, it has been developing strong know-how, through Toting software – fully integrated engineering and costing software, in-house developed finite element calculation methods or Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Thanks to its extensive experience, it is member of HTRI© communication Committee, ISO Technical Committee and ASME Committee for testing procedure validation.

Finally, Kelvion has a strong know-how on detailed engineering for auxiliary equipments and skid modules.

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