Modular Cooling Towers

Modular Cooling Towers

For various capacity requirements


Our modular system enables us to supply capacity to order. The modular cooling tower system can be expanded and customized, and there are standard solutions available for various capacity requirements. This system is standardized to a great degree and has been adapted to a great number of customer wishes. Around 80 % is available as standard solutions, with the remaining 20 % implemented as customized engineering. The factory-preassembled modules are employed primarily for smaller projects, for which the customer enjoys significant cost advantages. The larger the project, on the other hand, the more effective are field-erected cooling towers. Our engineers make customized modifications to meet your special requirements.

We specialize in building cooling towers designed to prevent corrosion – and we are in the lead when it comes to plant efficiency and noise reduction. Our company is a symbol for top quality backed up by a complete service organization. The result: superior reliability and security for our customers.

Our cooling towers operate with the following benefits: a maximum of water savings, thermal loads on surface bodies of water that are well within legal limits, and substantially lower climate cooling costs. Thanks to these factors, our customized cooling towers have a particularly long lifetime and require very little maintenance. We build cooling modules that meet precise specifications. Our sales engineers provide expert advice, analyze your wishes, and take personal responsibility for delivery – with the result that our execution of your order fully meets your specifications.

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