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We are service specialists for plate heat exchangers of all types and brands. Our portfolio comprises all after-sales and other services from installation up to innovative tightness testing. Our global network of locations enables 24/7 service thus maximising the performance of your systems everywhere, at any time. As a leading manufacturer of plate heat exchangers, we work for our customers every day all around the globe and in this process, the service work carried out enhances our knowledge and experience every day, thus producing valuable improvements.

Trust the leading service specialist for all types of plate heat exchangers and from all manufacturers. Our service is backed up by more than 20 years of experience in after-sales & service and by our competence as an internationally renowned manufacturer of high-performance plate heat exchangers.

With a global network of locations and round-the-clock service availability,  we are at your disposal anytime, anywhere.

Please read more about fouling in plate heat exchangers here:

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