Efficient heat recovery – with cost-effective, designed-to-order Kelvion AirToAir heat exchanger

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26. 04. 2017 Effective energy management in industrial processes is now more important than ever – from both an economic and an ecological point of view. The general energy efficiency of a manufacturing or other industrial process is influenced by, among other factors, the minimization of waste heat emitted to the environment. Implementation of heat recovery systems in conjunction with smart energy management can significantly reduce operating costs.

Kelvion AirToAir Heat Exchanger
Kelvion AirToAir Heat Exchanger
Kelvion AirToAir Heat Exchanger
Kelvion AirToAir Heat Exchanger
Kelvion AirToAir Heat Exchanger
Kelvion AirToAir Heat Exchanger

With its Kelvion AirToAir stainless-steel heat exchangers, Kelvion offers solutions for heat recovery that are highly convincing owing to their short delivery times, low investment volumes, and high levels of heat recovery. With the models designed for application ranges from approx. –20 °C to 180 °C, the glued tube-to-tubesheet design assures especially low weight and costs. For higher-temperature applications, up to 1000 °C, Kelvion still offers the classic solution, in which the tubes are welded to the tubesheets. The glue used in light design is silicone-free, which means that the use of these heat exchangers is possible in the paper and automotive industries. Cost benefits also result with the glued version as a result of the thin-walled tubes and tubesheets: they allow lighter structural design. Glued heat exchangers are therefore much more cost effective than conventional models, and are ideally suited for heat recovery: for example, in drying processes. The welded design, on the other hand, provides greater resistance to thermal and mechanical stresses. For additional mechanical loads, Kelvion supports customers with calculations for strength and FEA conformity. For high-temperature solutions, special temperature-resistant steels may be used.

Whether welded or glued: Kelvion adapts both versions to the necessary air volume flow to be moved and to the required performance levels. Reversal hoods allow various airflow routing principles, to match the installation situation or to further increase heat-recovery efficiency and assure remaining pressure drop values at the desired level. Kelvion AirToAir heat exchangers have been designed for applications in the paper, textile, wood, and construction-materials industries – as well as in printing operations, pharmaceutical and chemical plants, food and beverage processing, and in additional industrial sectors

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