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2015/08/03 The former GEA Heat Exchangers Group which is separated in Heat Exchanger Systems and Power Cooling Solutions will in stages transform its complete corporate image.“A brand change in heat exchange” is the motto.

The company:
In 1920 Otto Happel Sr. founded the company Gesellschaft für Entstaubungs-Anlagen mbh (company for dust extraction, abbreviated as GEA).Two years later, the company invented the elliptical finned tube, which until today has formed the key component of the heat exchanger sector.In 1935 the company developed air-cooled condensers for stationary gas turbines.After the death of the company founder in 1948, his wife Elisabeth Happel took charge of company business.Numerous companies were founded in the 1960s and 1970s to meet the great demand for GEA products.In 1975 Elisabeth Happel turned over company leadership to her son Otto Happel Jr. The 1980s were characterized by reorganization of the company and by additional acquisition.GEA AG & Co. was founded as a new holding company, and GEA went public in 1989.Ten years later, MG Technologies AG (successor to the company metal business) acquired GEA.In 2005 the corporate group changed its name to GEA Group AG.With its reorganization in 2010, the nine GEA Divisions were assigned to five Segments – the largest of which was GEA Heat Exchangers.In June of 2013, GEA Group announced its intention to sell the GEA Heat Exchangers Segment.Negotiations for sale to the investor Triton were concluded in April of 2014, and sale of the company became legally effective in October of 2014.GEA Heat Exchangers is since then separated in three companies (Air Treatment, Heat Exchanger Systems and Power Cooling Solutions) and announced its intention to position itself with a new brand on the market.

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