Cleaning water coolers for transformer oil – to permanently ensure cooling performance

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2015/11/19 Service staff from Kelvion (formerly GEA Heat Exchangers) carefully removes fouling from transformer water coolers.This cleaning service prevents clogging of the tubes, minimizes deposits, and restores the original cooling performance of a water cooler.Operators profit from this cleaning procedure because the coolers consequently have a longer service life and more effectively cool the transformer oil.

Kelvion Cooler for Transformer Oil
Cooler for transformer oil after cleaning
Kelvion Cooler for Transformer Oil
Cooler for transformer oil before cleaning

Depending on length of time in service – as well as on water quality – scale, rust, and other products of corrosion sooner or later reduce the effective heat transfer surface of the cooler tubes.This results in greater flow resistance and reduces cooling capacity.In worst cases, deposits lead to higher temperatures of the transformer oil and, in turn, to premature ageing of the transformer.Cleaning of the water coolers therefore likewise reduces deterioration of not only the oil, but also of the cooler.During cooler cleaning, and together with the effects of heat application, an environmentally benign, material-protective, and slightly acidic cleaning agent dissolves undesired contamination of the coolers.This agent is aggressive to fouling deposits, but is gentle to piping and sealing materials.Subsequent rinsing of the water cooler flushes out deposits and removes residues of the cleaning agent.The cleaning staff does not need to disassemble the cooler or to open it toward the oil side.As a result, the cleaning operation is fast and easy, even for facilities that are difficult to access.This cost-efficient method saves time and, as a result, money.

These pictures, taken before and after, offer good evidence: cleaning of the cooler effectively dissolves deposits.This cleaning process prevents fouling and clogging and returns cooler performance to its original Level.

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