GEA Delbag FireTex® filter material improves fire and explosion protection of industrial ventilation systems

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2013/07/02 Flying sparks – as produced by welding, cutting, or grinding – can ignite fires in air-extraction systems.In addition to combustible dust, depth-loading air filters and cleanable filter media represent primary fire risks in such cases.GEA Delbag FireTex® filter pads minimize this danger, they are specially treated filter and can even prevent separated dust from burning.

GEA Delbag FireTex® filter pads
GEA Delbag FireTex® filter pads

® pads are fire-resistant and do not produce smoke, emit toxic gas, or create burning droplets.The special treatment of the pads, does not impair the operational properties of FireTex® filters.This benefit is due to the treatment process (patent applied) of the filter pads, which consist of randomly structured, non-breaking polyester fibers.The German state Technical Inspection Agencies (TÜV/DMT) have officially classified the fire-protection characteristics of FireTex® as B1 (standard for construction materials:DIN 4102, Part 1, 1998-05), and as flammability class S4, drop-forming class ST2, and smoke-development class SR2 (DIN 5510-2).In addition, FireTex® materials from GEA offer a further safety benefit: owing to its low electrical resistance, the filter material does not become electrically charged.Anti-static FireTex® materials are therefore outstandingly effective for use in explosion-endangered environments.FireTex® filter media combines outstanding electrical conductivity with excellent fire-protection properties, which comprehensively counter potential risks in the extraction of combustible dust.

Initial applications of these filter media have included the use in several automobile plants, in extraction of welding fume produced by robotic spot welding of car bodies.Thanks to FireTex® materials, this application enables air extraction, near the workplace, that is – owing to reduced risk of fire – superior to classical dust extraction solutions.In addition, lower pressure drops mean that FireTex® applications are likewise more advantageous than conventional solutions with respect to energy efficiency and cost effectiveness.

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