GEA Heat Exchangers at POWER-GEN Europe 2015

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2015/04/02 At POWER-GEN Europe this year, many of the core business areas of GEA Heat Exchangers will present their expertise on the topic of energy.Examples of the great diversity of their product portfolio to be shown at the fair will include GEA Wet Cooling Towers, GEA Air-Cooled Condensers, GEA Closed Circuit Coolers, GEA Delbag Filter Systems, GEA Double-Tube Safety Heat Exchangers (DTSHX), as well as GEA Vacuum Surface Condensers for turbines.Also on display will be GEA Energy Modular Compact Radiators (EMCR) for cooling in gas- and diesel-fuelled power plants.Further highlights from the product portfolio will include GEA Economizers and GEA Steam Coil Air Pre-Heaters, as described below.

GEA Economizers are tube heat exchangers that recover energy from exhaust gases or other gases and transfer it to another medium: for example, to water or heat-transfer oil.Depending on requirements, GEA Economizers are engineered and delivered either with casing, bypass, and connection fittings, or as simple heat exchangers.Materials, tubing, and fin geometry are available for selection to match local requirements.

GEA Steam Coil Air Pre-Heaters (SCAPH) belong to an innovative generation of efficient air pre-heaters that are equipped with elliptical finned tubes and new patented fin geometry.These units assure constant temperatures during winter and summer operation, as required by the latest exhaust-gas regulations for applications in power plants.GEA SCAPH units are not only suited for large power plants, but also for smaller boilers used to burn biomass or waste.The use of these pre-heaters increases plant performance and raises process efficiency.

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