GEA Heat Exchangers is nominated for the DCS awards with the GEA Denco range

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2014/04/23 GEA Heat Exchangers is proud to announce that it has been shortlisted as finalists in all 3 nominated categories of the Data Centre Solutions (DCS) awards.DCS awards are run by Data Centre Solutions to recognise outstanding achievements or services within the datacentre market in Europe.

Finalist DCS awards
Finalist DCS awards

“The GEA Denco range provides excellent products and services for the datacentre market and would be extremely pleased to receive an award”, said John Tandy, Managing Director of GEA Heat Exchangers Ltd. – GEA Denco Systems, Hereford.

Details of the GEA Denco range represented in the voting:

  • GEA Multi-DENCO® , shortlisted as “Datacentre Power and Cooling Product of the year”
    The GEA Multi-DENCO® range has been specifically engineered to achieve the most efficient results for every combination and layout of modern data centres and therefore offers five different cooling systems.GEA Multi-DENCO® units can cool the air without at the same time dehumidifying it.In the recirculating-air mode of operation the close control solution controls air conditions at a stable level of ± 1 K and ± 5 % relative humidity.The units operate especially energy-efficiently under partial load.A GEA Multi-DENCO® running at 80 % design cooling capacity will require only 50 % of the energy input, and running at 50 % design cooling capacity this falls to a mere 10 % of energy input.

  • GEA Adia-DENCO®, shortlisted as “Datacentre Energy Efficiency Product of the year”
    GEA Adia-DENCO®, specifically designed for use in data centres, exploits the principle of indirect free cooling in combination with indirect adiabatic humidification throughout most of the year to dissipate the heat produced within data centres.The system achieves maximum efficiency using state of the art adiabatic cooling and a cost-optimised control system with this innovative green solution.Power consumption of compressor–based cooling is reduced to an absolute minimum.GEA Adia-DENCO® guarantees low ongoing operating costs.
  • GEA Denco 4Service, shortlisted as “DC Facilities Company of the year”
    GEA Denco 4Service offers a customer-focused, professional and excellent choice of planned maintenance options along with essential emergency cover to give datacentre operators peace of mind.The service is available 24 hours, seven days of the week and includes the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of complete air conditioning solutions.Over 100 highly trained engineers based at strategically located regional centres are looking after the customers from initial design consultation, through installation and on to after-sales maintenance and spares provision.

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