GEA MultiSafe: high security filter system for highly sensitive applications

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2015/03/12 The new GEA MultiSafe high-security filter system provides effective protection from viruses, bacteria, radioactive substances, and toxic materials.In addition to operational safety, during the development of this system great emphasis was placed on ease of maintenance.

The GEA MultiSafe high-security filter system
The GEA MultiSafe high-security filter system

The GEA MultiSafe high-security filter system was developed for specific protection from hazardous atmospheric substances in highly sensitive areas of work.Research and development in the areas of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals production, and nuclear medicine benefit in their “green” areas from the modular configuration of MultiSafe filter units.These units allow a series of consecutively configured filter stages.A highly reliable and maintenance-free clamping device – as well as a filter tight fit test during operation – assures filter reliability and safety.

A special version of the GEA MultiSafe has front access for filter exchange, which offers the operational advantages coupled with particularly beneficial space and cost savings.The two filter elements, which are installed in one common casing, can be exchanged through a single service door.In addition to investment savings, this reduces service time and, as a result, maintenance costs.

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