GEA Searle GF gas coolers for refrigeration systems with subcritical and transcritical CO2 processes

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2014/10/16 Gas coolers in the GEA Searle GF range from GEA Heat Exchangers have been designed for operation with CO2 as refrigerant.

GEA Searle gas cooler from the GF range
GEA Searle gas cooler from the GF range

They are highly effectively employed, for example, for the refrigeration requirements of supermarkets and cold stores.These gas coolers support both subcritical as well as transcritical operation, since they are intended for refrigerant inlet temperatures far greater than 100 °C and for maximum pressures of 120 bar(g).As a result of their modular configuration, the cooling output can be matched to the respective demand.One cooler unit can contain up to 20 modules in one enclosure.Depending on the number of modules, the dimensions of the cooler are 1.2 to 12 m long and a maximum of 2.2 m wide.These gas coolers are available for flatbed or for vertical configuration.

In the standard models, the heat exchangers feature copper tubes, aluminum fins, and painted stainless-steel headers.For operation in environments with aggressive air, or in sea air, further material combinations are available, including heat exchangers with Blygold coating.In its selection of materials, GEA Heat Exchangers has made no compromises with respect to long service life and safety.All combinations have been exhaustively tested in laboratories under extreme environmental conditions.To effectively account for a variety of operational modes, and to achieve maximum efficiency, the heat exchangers are divided into sections.The thermal separation into an upper intake section and a second section installed below enhances the cooling effect by approx. 7 %.In addition, the sections have been fitted with various expansion gaps, in accordance with the expected thermal demands.

The ventilators available include various drive units, ranging from AC motors with a maximum of 12 poles, to highly efficient and speed-controlled EC motors.The large fan diameters involved here (up to 910 mm) ensure great cooling effect with low fan speeds and with relatively low noise levels.The modules are separated by walls to ensure that active modules do not draw adjacent air through the switched-off neighboring modules under part-load operations when individual fans are shut down.

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