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2013/09/17 GEA Heat Exchangers at Power-Gen International, November 12-14, 2013, Orange County Convention Center, Orlando (Florida, USA), booth 859

GEA Energy Modular Compact Radiator
GEA Energy Modular Compact Radiator
Samples of GEA cooling towers
Samples of GEA cooling towers
GEA DoubleTube Safety Heat Exchanger (DTSHX)
GEA DoubleTube Safety Heat Exchanger (DTSHX)

Redesigned:Energy Modular Compact Radiators
GEA Heat Exchangers has redesigned its modular compact radiators and has matched their efficiency to that of the individually configurable radiator ranges.Investors benefit from short delivery times, competitive prices, and an optimized cost-benefit ratio.The primary application for these Energy Modular Compact Radiators (EMCRs) is the cooling of stationary diesel power plants.The largest model offers cooling duty of more than 2.5 MW.In addition to basically re-engineered structural design – now with horizontal suction featuring single- or dual-row configuration (as required for high- or low-temperature applications) – this range profits from the modular design of the entire product group.E.g. standardization leads to low weight and smaller dimensions.A great number of available unit lengths and two pre-determined enclosure widths enable a large number of possible enclosure sizes.These upgrades mean that the modular coolers satisfy customer expectations to the maximum feasible degree.For applications in which noise emissions or energy consumption are of prime importance, configuration of especially quiet or energy-saving models are available.A choice of fans is available to achieve low noise emissions.It is likewise possible to configure radiators with large fan diameters and elliptical air-intake.Large fans also enable greater efficiency: the selection for EMCR models ranges from diameters of 1.2 to approx. 1.9 m.

US sales contact EMCR:
GEA Heat Exchangers, Inc.
Rainey Solutions
Chris Jungers
5202 West Channel Road, Catoosa, Oklahoma, USA 74015
Phone:+1 918 266-9221


Highly customizable:GEA Wet Cooling Towers
GEA Heat Exchangers designs, manufactures, and services cooling towers for the energy and process industries: e.g. wet cooling systems including counter-flow and cross-flow solutions.Both are custom designed to meet the specific needs of each application.They are field erected and available in timber (e.g. treated Redwood or Douglas Fir) or pultruded FRP.There is virtually no limit to the size of the system.For GEA Counter-flow cooling towers individual cell sizes range from approx. 10 to 135 m³/min (2,700 to 36,000 GPM).GEA Cross-flow cooling towers are available for cell sizes from about 20 to 75 m³/min (5,000 to 20,000 GPM).GEA's Fiberglass towers have the same time-proven geometrical design as our wooden towers while offering easier inspection and reduced maintenance by the nature of their design.In addition, this lightweight, high strength material is virtually impervious to any environmental condition or chemical in the circulating water.This resistance to chemicals makes GEA's fiberglass tower a clear choice for seawater, wastewater or any cooling application.Additionally GEA offers modular stainless steel cooling towers which can process large quantities of water and have a substantial cooling capacity.The modular systems are easy to adjust to cooling requirements and the available space, whether they are used singly or in series.

US Sales contact wet cooling towers:
GEA Heat Exchangers, Inc.
Cooling Tower Solutions
Eric Fournier
17755 US Hwy 19 North, Suite 250 Clearwater, FL 33764 USA
Phone:+1 727-530-9622


GEA Double-Tube Safety Heat Exchangers (DTSHX)
GEA Double-Tube Safety Heat Exchangers (DTSHX) are used for such applications as natural gas preheating for gas turbines, transformer-oil water cooling, etc..DTSHX feature double-tube bundles that are provided with two tube sheets at each end.If one tube wall develops a leak, the product (fluid) flows through fine ducts arranged between the concentrically configured dual tubes, and into a leak collection chamber, where it triggers an alarm.The second intact wall keeps the product separate from the second medium.The heat exchanger may therefore continue operation, without down time, until the next-scheduled regular maintenance.Various materials can be combined for the sheathing and for the inner and outer tubes of the Double-Tube Safety Heat Exchanger.Use of the most suitable materials enables various media to be cooled, heated, condensed, or evaporated.GEA Double-Tube Safety Heat Exchangers are effective for operational pressures ranging from vacuum applications up to more than 300 bar, and for temperatures below –150 °C to over 350 °C, depending on the models selected.

US sales contact Double Tube Systems
GEA Renzmann & Grünewald GmbH
Bob Elliott
Phone:+1 (980) 229 6027

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