Hygienically cooling food and beverages quieter and with less power, with GEA Küba ceiling-mounted air coolers and their new EC motors

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2014/10/16 With its recently redesigned GEA Küba air coolers, GEA Heat Exchangers has fulfilled the wishes of many of its customers for even more energy efficiency and for the use of natural refrigerants in supermarkets and food and beverage retailers.

Up to 70 % reduction in power consumption: the redesigned GEA Küba junior DF ceiling-mounted air cooler.
Up to 70 % reduction in power consumption: the redesigned GEA Küba junior DF ceiling-mounted air cooler.

GEA Küba junior DF for small cooling/deep-freeze cold rooms and for large refrigerated cabinets
One good example for this development is the re-designed model of the GEA Küba junior DF series.These compact ceiling-mounted air coolers have been designed for the refrigeration of open and packaged foods in small cold rooms and in large refrigerated cabinets.The GEA Küba junior DF meets the typical requirements placed by food service retailers and the food service industry.An integrated deflector ensures optimal direction of air flow by directing the cold air along the ceiling of the cold room, which enables uniform distribution of temperature.The powder-coated aluminum casing is corrosion-resistant, with the result that pockets of dirt cannot collect – which in turn prevents soiling and proliferation of microorganisms.From 2015, the GEA Küba junior DF will be available in 14 model sizes, with cooling duty from 0.4 to 2 kW and maximum air flow of 250 m³/h to 960 m³/h.These new ceiling-mounted air coolers provide air intake temperatures between -25 °C and +20 °C. In the standard model, the units are set up for operation with commonly used refrigerants.As an option, a CO2 variant is available that features one pressure stage up to 60 bar, which is suited for use in the transcritical range and medium temperature cooling range.

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