Jürgen Vinkenflügel 接受任命成为新任凯络文首席执行官

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2017/12/13 Kelvion announced today a leadership change.Jürgen Vinkenflügel will start as CEO beginning January 1, 2018.Dr. Robert Wassmer and Silke Hartmann will both leave Kelvion to pursue opportunities outside the company.A search for a successor for Silke Hartmann, Kelvion’s Chief Financial Officer, is underway and candidates have been identified.Mrs. Hartmann will support Kelvion until a proper handover is completed.

[Translate to Chinesisch:] Jürgen Vinkenflügel 接受任命成为新任凯络文首席执行官
[Translate to Chinesisch:] Jürgen Vinkenflügel 接受任命成为新任凯络文首席执行官

“We are confident that Jürgen Vinkenflügel will lead Kelvion into a phase of renewed growth and customer satisfaction,” said Manfred Eiden, Chairman of the Shareholder Committee at Kelvion.“We would like to thank Dr. Robert Wassmer and Silke Hartmann for their outstanding commitment and valuable contribution to significant improvements undertaken by Kelvion in the last two years.”

“Building on the foundation laid, the Shareholder Committee, our new CEO Jürgen Vinkenflügel and our Chief Sales Officer Klaus Bohnet are committed to continue the path of transforming Kelvion into a truly global, integrated leader of the heat exchanger industry.The key building blocks of this strategy include a deep understanding of market trends and customer needs as well as a global sales force and an integrated manufacturing footprint.These actions will allow us to successfully deliver innovative and competitive products and services to targeted customer segments,” Manfred Eiden added.

Jürgen Vinkenflügel held leading positions in the Energy, Oil and Gas industry throughout his impressive 35 years career.Before joining Kelvion, Mr. Vinkenflügel was the CEO of SAG Group.He has worked in Germany and internationally at MAN Diesel & Turbo, AEG, Alstom and Siemens in industries that are highly relevant to Kelvion.Jürgen Vinkenflügel holds a degree in mechanical engineering from Aachen University of Applied Sciences.

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