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23. July 2008 GEA Air Treatment makes it quite clear:<br>Its products combine climate protection and economy

AirEconomy Logo
AirEconomy Logo
Dr. Hugo Blaum, President of the GEA Air Treatment Division
Dr. Hugo Blaum, President of the GEA Air Treatment Division

With its motto „Air Eco2nomy“ , the GEA Air Treatment Division stresses its claim of offering energy efficiency in combination with environmental and climate protection – without losing sight of the economical application of its products.

GEA Air Treatment expresses in a nutshell its core competency and its corporate philosophy: in logo lettering that will in future occupy a prominent place in all company print media: “Air Eco2nomy”. With this conspicuous word creation, GEA specialists for HVAC emphasize their responsibility for offering energy efficiency in unison with protection of the climate and the environment – but without neglecting the cost efficiency of GEA products. In this word fusion, “Eco2” stands for the thrifty use of energy, as well as for reduction of CO2 emissions. “In ‘Air Eco2nomy’ we have a word brand with great recognition value: one that represents our objectives in a compact and clever manner,” explained Dr. Hugo Blaum, President of the GEA Air Treatment Division.

As Dr. Blaum further elaborates, the motive behind emphasizing the multiple saving effect lies in the appreciable potentials that are open for saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions on the German real-estate market. “Our systems contribute to helping our users reduce resource consumption and, at the same time, minimize life-cycle costs. In this way, climate protection is not only affordable, but pays off handsomely for our customers.” The latest version of Lplus, GEA design software, makes these benefits logically clear:  the most recent Lplus offers an intuitively used life-cycle-cost calculator that powerfully supports planners in the configuration of energy- and cost-optimized central air-handling units.

Parallel to “Air Eco2nomy”, the GEA Air Treatment Division is also introducing the new logo of the GEA Group:  the new, silvery word-image brand highlights the technological orientation of the Group, and makes an elegant and trustworthy impression. With the new GEA logo, the 250 subsidiaries of the Group make a unified public impression.

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