Comeback of a classic: the GEA Küba SG commercial classic

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31. March 2015 With its recently developed GEA Küba SG commercial classic Air Cooler, GEA Heat Exchangers has fulfilled the wishes of many of its customers for compact, cubic air coolers with a highly advantageous benefit-cost ratio.

GEA Küba SG commercial classic
GEA Küba SG commercial classic

SG commercial classic
Long-term storage, assurance of satisfactory maturing processes and ideal atmospheric humidity: these are the key performance factors for the GEA Küba SG commercial classic. It satisfies, in other words, complex commercial refrigeration requirements in production and processing of open and pre-packed food.

The requirements placed by chilled goods are complex, and an effective cooling process involves considerably more than merely the temperature of the goods being refrigerated. For example, the units must be equipped with very large surface areas to ensure minimum levels of dehumidification. These characteristics are essential in industrial processing of meat and bakery products; warehousing of flowers, fruit, and vegetables; and production of deep-frozen goods – basically all applications without aggressive airborne particles in the ambient air.

The GEA Küba SG commercial classic is also highly effective under complex sets of conditions: for example, with frequent staff traffic in and out of the cold rooms – which means regular air exchange with the surrounding air. With intensive handling of goods and long storage times, the SG commercial classic sets standards in efficiency and safety. If the stored goods are frequently removed and re-stored, the cooling duty of the evaporator must be designed such that it assures uniform temperature distribution.

The GEA Küba SG commercial classic is the optimal air cooler for applications such as these. One decisive factor is that its parallel tubing system permits less dehumidification of the air than a conventional air cooler with staggered tubing. The SG application range, depending on configuration, extends from medium temperature cooling to freezing as low as -25 °C room temperature.
The benefit that makes the new SG commercial classic a stand-alone air cooler range is primarily its standardized equipment, matched to the requirements of individual application scenarios. The finish of the casing components, with their food-safe and environmentally friendly powder coating, provides a surface structure that is effectively resistant to scratches, impacts, and corrosion. These components can also be very easily cleaned, and the mounting brackets are made of stainless steel.

The AC fans, in conformity with the relevant ErP Directive, offer speed control in conjunction with a retrofitted unit. These fans are especially effective for small and medium-sized cold stores.

The SG commercial classic range offers series-production models for standard as well as more complex applications. These air coolers are available on stock at an optimal benefit-cost ratio, and 10 cooler unit types can be ordered throughout a cooling duty range from 0.7 to 10 kW.

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