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13. June 2012 GEA Heat Exchangers featuring finned-tube waste gas recoolers for small-scale power plants. Compact design with modular configuration, corrosion-proof even against aggressive gases and resistant to extreme temperatures in excess of 700°C – the fully welded finned-tube exhaust gas cooler represents a new cooler generation, setting the benchmark for energy efficiency in heat recovery at high temperatures in gas power plants. The innovative fin geometry used in the heat exchanger minimizes fouling and enables using contaminated biogases without problems. This increases process reliability and extends maintenance intervals.

GEA finned-tube waste gas coolers
GEA finned-tube waste gas coolers

This stainless steel cooler – originally developed for the marine sector to minimize nitrogen oxide emissions generated in the combustion process in large diesel engines – also shows its strengths in utilizing waste heat in natural gas and biogas power plants, where very high temperature resistance is called for, for example in driving steam turbines or fuelling a district-heating system.

The exhaust gas cooler uses a modular design. Depending on process requirements the stainless steel unit can be optionally fitted with modules such as a separator for draining condensate and filters to create a compact cooling system comprising both a high-temperature cooling circuit and a low-temperature circuit at the same time. The unit is still small-sized and the dimensions range – depending on the individual customer-specific configuration – from a space-saving 50 x 50 x 80 centimetres to a maximum of 150 x 150 x 200 centimetres.

The raised surface structure of the stainless steel fin ensures optimum turbulence in the gas stream, guaranteeing perfect heat transfer across the whole surface area. The gas and water connectors of the exhaust gas cooler can be designed to meet the needs of the customer. This means that the new heat exchanger can be easily retrofitted into existing systems. The waste gas recooler can be simply disconnected for maintenance purposes.

The finned-tube block is available in various stainless steel grades such as 1.4512 (AISI 409), 1.4404 (AISI 316l) or 1.4539 (904L). Other materials are available upon request. In the high-temperature version (gas temperature up to 700°C) the exhaust gas cooler is always fully welded. For processes where gases race through the heat exchanger in counterflow with a maximum temperature of 300°C, the GEA unit is offered in a gasketed version. This allows for easy dismantling of the frame components for cleaning and enables optimum access to the internals of the heat exchanger.

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