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05. February 2009 GEA Air Treatment relocates heat-exchanger production and frees up space for manufacture of air-handling systems

As part of strategic reorganisation of its production facilities, GEA Air Treatment GmbH has relocated its production of steel heat exchangers from Gaspoltshofen, in Austria, to its German plant in Sprockhövel. Parallel to production concentration in the heat-exchanger segment, it is planned to expand the production activities of GEA central air-handling units in Gaspoltshofen. The purpose of the relocation, which will take place in the second quarter of 2009, is to concentrate the manufacture of GEA products as much as possible at one location. The further objective here, in addition to enhanced productivity and quality, is to further streamline throughput and delivery schedules, lower transport costs, and reduce net working capital.

In implementation of its strategy of concentrated production, GEA Air Treatment will soon make a major step forward. In the second quarter of 2009, production of steel heat exchangers will relocate from Gaspoltshofen, Austria, to Sprockhövel in Germany, where 21 staff are already engaged in the manufacture of heat exchangers. Production at the Austrian plant, with its 206 staff, will then concentrate to a greater degree on production of central air-handling systems (GEA CAIRplus) and dehumidifiers (GEA CAIRfricostar). The company will furthermore gain valuable shop-floor space for manufacture of air-handling systems with integrated cooling functions, and of the new air-handling system GEA Campos, which will be presented to the public in March at ISH in Frankfurt am Main, the world’s foremost specialist trade fair for sanitary installation, heating and air conditioning.

As announced by GEA management, streamlining of production will primarily be oriented to definite technical production focussing. As explained by Dr. Michael Junker, head of plants for central air-handling systems at GEA Air Treatment: “We intend to concentrate as much as possible the production of our high-quality air-treatment products at single locations with clear organisational structures.” The objective of this organisational concentration will be shortening of production and delivery times, in addition to intensive exchange of experience among those engaged in development, design, and production activities. Dr. Junker continues, “Within the context of our strategic orientation, we have – put briefly – simply been doing our business-management homework. We must find ways to reduce our working capital, so that we can continue to act competitively on the market.” In addition to the expected cost reductions, corporate management is counting on appreciable quality enhancement.

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