GEA Bloksma NF oil cooler – great cooling performance on a small footprint

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05. September 2012 With its new GEA Bloksma Type NF, GEA presents a new oil cooler that uses water to efficiently cool the oil from turbines, diesel and gas engines, gear systems, bearings, hydraulic equipment, refrigeration facilities, air compressors and many other systems at the international SMM trade fair, the leading fair for the maritime industry.

GEA Bloksma NF Oil Cooler
GEA Bloksma NF Oil Cooler
Set of GEA Bloksma NF Oil Coolers
Set of GEA Bloksma NF Oil Coolers

Its great advantage over other similar equipment designs is its much more compact dimensions with comparable cooling duty. The compact dimensions of the NF mean that the customer saves money, beginning with the initial investment. Additional benefits include savings in operation, as a result of reduced water consumption and low pressure drop. This is all made possible thanks to the internal design of the NF oil cooler: plate fins, which are built together as one rigid cooler bundle, ensure a large heat-transfer surface on the shell side and, in turn, good heat dissipation.

The new GEA Bloksma Type NF oil coolers offer a variety of different connection possibilities and therefore effectively suit a wide range of different installation situations. They can be connected to pressures of up to 30 bar on the water and oil side. The temperatures of the media can range up to 120 degrees Celsius. Beginning immediately, the coolers are available as single- or dual-way oil coolers in four model sizes. The smallest, the NF14, has an outer shell diameter of 141.3 millimeters and the largest, the NF32, an outer diameter of 323.9 millimeters. All NF oil coolers are insensitive to impact, vibration, and pulsation.

Sales contact:
GEA Bloksma BV
Stephen van der Weiden
Draaibrugweg 15 – 1332 AB, Almere
The Netherlands

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