GEA Clarifair removes tobacco smoke at the Science Park in Gelsenkirchen, Germany

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20. December 2007 Good air for communications

Photo: GEA Air Treatment, GEA Clarifair
Photo: GEA Air Treatment, GEA Clarifair
Photo: Wissenschaftspark Gelsenkirchen
Photo: Wissenschaftspark Gelsenkirchen

A GEA Clarifair virtual smokers’ booth has been in operation for several weeks now at the Science Park in Gelsenkirchen, Germany (Gelsenkirchener Wissenschaftspark). It ensures clean air and protects non-smokers from passive smoking.

At the Science Park in Gelsenkirchen, Germany (Gelsenkirchener Wissenschaftspark), a GEA Clarifair system enables smokeless air in the smokers’ corner – a big benefit for tobacco connoisseurs and non-smokers at the same time.

Thanks to its 3-stage filter system and its complete capture of smoke in the smokers’ vicinity, the GEA Clarifair (shown here at the Science Park in Gelsenkirchen, Germany) reliably removes smoke and other particles from the air.

The modern architecture of the Gelsenkirchen Science Park symbolizes the transformation of the Ruhr Area in Germany. The building complex is a workplace and a communications centre at the same time. The Glass Arcade of the complex, 300 metres long, forms an open communications centre that is used, for example, for exhibitions, receptions, congresses, and seminars. It is in this public area that the GEA Clarifair performs its services. This virtual smokers’ booth, developed by the GEA Air Treatment Division, captures almost 100% of the tobacco smoke just where it originates, and filters it out for operation in recirculated-air mode. This enables non-smokers as well to stand near the table model for standing smokers, without being disturbed by fume and noxious odours. This aspect is critical for the Gelsenkirchen Science Park, since no one wants communications to fail at the border to a smokers’ zone.

The GEA Clarifair can likewise offer the same benefits in office buildings that do not have their own open smokers’ zones:  it produces clean air even in smoking rooms. This ensures that smoke does not escape and propagate elsewhere. Staff and visitors that pass along the corridor in front of the smokers’ room are protected from tobacco smoke and undesirable odours. In addition, smokers themselves enjoy better air without the need for their smoke – together with heating warmth – to be blown out the window. The GEA Clarifair also enhances the aesthetic appearance of the rooms in which it is installed. Yellowed walls and nicotine fumes are unpleasant for many smokers as well, and lead not least to expensive renovation costs. The air-cleansing effect of the virtual smokers’ booth counters the yellowing effects on room surfaces.

Here’s how the GEA Clarifair works
The GEA Clarifair is a virtual smokers’ booth, without walls, that was developed by the GEA Air Treatment Division in Herne, Germany. It intakes up to 1,500 cubic metres of air per hour, and cleanses it in re-circulated-air mode. The system employs a triple filter system:  the pre-filter captures coarse particles, and an electrostatic precipitator removes microscopically small smoke particles. The last stage, an activated carbon filter, removes odours. Thanks to its extremely high air throughput, and its complete capture of smoke in the area used by smokers, tobacco smoke doesn't have a chance to propagate in the rest of the room. In addition to the recirculated-air mode, the integrated motion sensor contributes to resources economy by turning off the system when the last person leaves its radius of action. If additional purification of the room air is desired, the GEA Clarifair can be set to continue operation for a prescribed time after the last smoker has left the vicinity.

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