GEA Close Control precision climate-control system cools the computer centre for the kitchen company Häcker Küchen

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02. August 2007 The GEA climate cabinet for number crunchers with calculated cooling

Partial-load freecooling
Partial-load freecooling
Partial-load freecooling
Partial-load freecooling
GEA Close Control precision climate-control system
GEA Close Control precision climate-control system

With its purchase of a new GEA Close Control precision climate-control system, the company Häcker Küchen GmbH & Co. KG, in Rödinghausen, Germany, has made a wise investment for its future. Since July of this year, the climate-control cabinet from GEA Happel Klimatechnik GmbH, of Herne, has cooled the computer centre of the company, which manufactures kitchens. Thanks to its recooling system, the solution chosen ensures especially energy-saving operations.

A GEA Close Control precision climate-control system such as this has cooled the computer centre of the company Häcker Küchen in Germany since July of this year. Equipped with the appropriate hydraulic module and a recooling system, the system has proved significantly more economical in energy use than the split air conditioners used before.

Thanks to Ambicool free-cooling technology, the compressor of the GEA Close Control precision climate-control system can remain off for most of the year. When the glycol is colder than the room air, room heat is dissipated when glycol flows through the heat exchanger of the free cooler, and then through the condenser.

The investment became necessary owing to the continuous growth of the company Häcker Küchen. Already in 2006, GEA delivered several GEA CAIRplus central air-handling units for the new factory floor areas of the company. Additional investments in ventilation and air conditioning systems for the computer system became necessary as a result of the increasing number of computer servers. By now, almost 10 completely equipped server cabinets have been installed in the Häcker computer centre. “Until recently, one of our old split air conditioners sufficed to cool the computer room. A second unit provided the required redundancy,” said Malte Bentrup, responsible for the Häcker building automation and utilities systems. “Beginning last summer, however, our cooling requirements grew to the extent that we needed both split units continuously. We therefore had no full reserve capacity.”

Energy saving was a prime factor in the decision for GEA
Bentrup, however, decided against acquisition of a third split unit. Instead, on the basis of the new requirements, he opted for a well-engineered and energy-saving solution – and decided after his investigation for GEA models. The new climate cabinet from the Ambicool T-Range (Model U42FV) can circulate more than 11,500 m³/h of air, and offers up to 33 kW of cooling capacity. This will suffice for the present and near-future requirements at Häcker Küchen. In July, the climate-control system, including the hydraulic module, was accepted by the customer on a turnkey basis, and was put into operation by GEA Service. The system pulls air in from the raised floor of the windowless rooms, regulates its temperature, and guides it through a duct system to the computer system.

Free-cooling system dissipates heat while saving resources
The Ambicool models operate with a glycol free-cooler. When the glycol is colder than the ambient air in the room, it flows through the heat exchanger of the free cooler, then through the refrigerant condenser. This removes the heat from the room without involving the refrigeration cycle. At latitudes of central Europe, this infinitely variable free cooling can be used up to 70% of the year, which means that little electric power is required under conditions of average yearly temperatures for keeping the computer servers cool. This GEA system operates considerably more economically than the split units,” assures Malte Bentrup. The old split units, however, will not be removed:  they can be used to provide air-conditioning cooling in case of emergency.

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