GEA ConBraze heat exchangers: smaller footprint, lower pressure drop

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15. October 2012 The fair premieres at the GEA stand at Chillventa this year included a new plate heat exchanger: the brazed GEA ConBraze, a new development for highly efficient heat pumps and refrigeration systems. It is designed for use as an evaporator, economizer, or condenser with the refrigerants R410a or CO<sub>2</sub>.

In comparison to previous heat exchangers, this new model features a more compact design, requires less material, needs a smaller filling amount of refrigerant, and therefore offers a cost advantage over conventional heat exchangers. The hydraulically optimized channel geometry and the optimally adjusted asymmetry relationships enable the GEA ConBraze to achieve the best-possible optimal heat exchange with optimal flow relationships. Thanks to its adjustable channel geometry, it is possible to optimally match the heat exchanger to plant layout. It will be launched on the market in 2013, initially in a version for a maximum of 45 bar system pressure. GEA will proceed from this starting point and take advantage of the ConBraze for further design developments in asymmetrical areas of operation.

Sales contact

Jörg Bierwirth
Remsaer Straße 2a – 04603 Nobitz - Wilchwitz
Phone: +49 (0)3447 5539-18 


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