GEA Delbag FireTex® filter pads for railway vehicles reduce fire risks and formation of germs

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29. August 2013 HVAC systems for railway vehicles operate with greater safety and with conformity to standards when equipped with GEA Delbag FireTex® filter pads. Thanks to a sophisticated finishing processing technique (patent pending) for the filter medium – which consists of randomly configured, non-breaking polyester fibers – GEA Delbag FireTex® filter pads do not produce smoke or burning droplets in case of airborne sparks or fire. The filter material is fire-resistant and melts without formation of toxic gases.

GEA Delbag FireTex® filter pads
GEA Delbag FireTex® filter pads

German Technical Inspection Agencies (TÜV/DMT) have officially attested the fire-protection properties of FireTex® and have classified it as B1 in accordance with DIN 4102-1:1998-05 (standard for the fire performance of building materials), as S4 with respect to flammability class, as ST2 for drop-forming classification, and SR2 in accordance with smoke-development classification (as set forth in DIN 5510-2:2009-05, the standard for preventive fire protection on railway vehicles). In addition, FireTex® filter pads are certified as HL3, following Specification Section R5, according the most recent standard EN 45545-2:2013-08 (fire protection on railway vehicles). FireTex® filter pads in their performance have even exceeded the specifications stipulated in this standard. This means that they can be used, without restriction, according to the latest standard for the HVAC system of railway vehicles. Since conformity with this standard will soon be mandatory, the application of FireTex® not only enhances the safety of passengers and railway staff, but also offers long-term investment security.

As an additional positive effect, the filter material from GEA Heat Exchangers is not only flame-retardant, but is also antiseptic, with the result that it minimizes any potential proliferation of germs – which means that employment of GEA Delbag FireTex® filter pads assures hygienic exchange of air in railway vehicles.


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