GEA Flex-Geko fan coil unit for low-energy applications

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18. April 2012 GEA has recently also made its proven and versatile ‘GEA Flex-Geko‘ fan coil units available with heat-exchangers especially designed for low heating-media temperatures or for high coolant temperatures and low mass-flow levels.

The fan coil unit ‘GEA Flex-Geko’ – now also available with heat exchangers for low-temperature applications.
The fan coil unit ‘GEA Flex-Geko’ – now also available with heat exchangers for low-temperature applications.

The units, available for 2- and 4-pipe operation, can accordingly move heat efficiently into rooms as provided by energy-saving low-temperature heating units or heat pumps. The EC motors installed as standard in this fan coil units offer additional savings potential. Their electronic commutation allows infinitely variable adaptation of the fan output by adjustment of the alternating magnetic field to match the fan speed. This allows the EC motors to achieve a level of efficiency around twice that of AC motors. For economic partial-load operation without loss of comfort, the optional GEA Drive air-outlet profile, motor-controlled, furthermore assures optimal outlet-air speed. GEA Drive enhances air flushing of a room, especially at low fan speeds, and prevents air short-circuit. Thanks to the various efficiency features incorporated into the fan coil units, they operate with proven savings of resources. Eurovent classification, for example, verifies this benefit. In classification into Eurovent energy-efficiency classes, a critical criterion is the consumption by a fan coil unit under highly realistic conditions: here, under maximum, medium, and low fan speeds. In this classification, the most frequently used low-load level is incorporated into the assessment to the extent of approx. two-thirds, the medium level around one fourth, and the full-load level at 5 %. Only units that prove to be highly efficient in partial-load cases are granted the best energy efficiency grade: Class A. GEA Flex-Geko has attained Class A.

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