GEA Mashimpeks launches production of transformer oil pumps in Russia

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27. February 2015 In the context of development of an import substitution program, GEA Mashimpeks has localized production of sophisticated transformer oil pumps in the town of Solnechnogorsk, in the Moscow region.

GEA transformer oil pump
GEA transformer oil pump
GEA transformer oil pump
GEA transformer oil pump

GEA Mashimpeks has opened a new base for production of transformer oil pumps. Assembly of the equipment is under license from GEA Renzmann & Grünewald (Germany), a world leader on the market for such equipment. Transformer oil pumps are leading-edge products that find application in power transformer cooling systems for power transmission and distribution, as well as in traction transformer cooling systems in cargo and passenger locomotives. The systems are used to pump transformer oil and other dielectric liquids within railway traction transformers.

“Localization of production of transformer oil pumps is the next important step in expansion of our production program in Russia,” said Valery Kravtsov, Director General of GEA Mashimpeks. “The company was founded in Russia 20 years ago, and our initial strategy was to localize both engineering and production activities to the greatest possible extent. We organized production of plate heat exchangers in 1997, and several years ago we launched production of welded plate heat exchangers. Today, we are opening a new chapter in our activities – the assembly of new technologically intensive transformer oil pumps under license from GEA Renzmann & Grünewald. The superior quality level achieved by our German partners and transferred to our production site justifies our confidence that the equipment will be in great demand on the Russian market.”

Design features of GEA circulation pumps ensure leak tightness, reliability, and compactness of equipment. A comprehensive standard series allows customer selection of a pump that fully complies with his requirements, requests, and specifications, and that assures optimal operation.

“Following market tendencies and demands of the Russian manufacturing industry, we – in collaboration with our Russian partner GEA Mashimpeks – have decided to localize production of transformer oil pumps in Russia,” explained Mr. Wolfgang Siffring, Vice-President Sales of GEA Renzmann & Grünewald. “At the new production site we are currently assembling the first batch of these pumps designed for new locomotives bought by Russian Railways within the modernization program for traction rolling stock. GEA Renzmann & Grünewald has extensive experience in supply of sophisticated oil pumps all over the world. Annual production volume is more than 5000 transformer oil pumps, and we are confident that launching of new production in Russia will increase this output”.

Finding solutions to the problems involving import substitution, growth in exports, and technological development remains a priority in Russian state policy. GEA Mashimpeks, as a Russian company, is eager for maximum localization of sophisticated equipment production with use of domestic components to assure world-class product quality.

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