GEA presents new heat exchangers and HVAC solutions at the Chillventa 2012 trade fair

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01. August 2012 At the Chillventa 2012 International Trade Fair for Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Ventilation, and Heat Pumps, GEA Heat Exchangers will present new and further-developed heat exchanger products and HVAC solutions. From 9 to 11 October 2012, an interesting spectrum of GEA innovations will await visitors to Hall 4, Stand 4-316.

GEA Searle PG Gas Cooler
GEA Searle PG Gas Cooler

Data center cooling with great savings

The GEA Adia-DENCO® cooling system has been especially designed for HVAC use in data centers. The system, with its extremely low energy consumption, is based on the proven GEA CAIR range of air-handling units. It exploits the principle of free cooling in combination with adiabatic humidification, to effectively reject heat. On the basis of the very slight number of hours in the year with temperatures above 29 °C (e.g. in Central Europe), power consumption for compressor-based cooling is reduced to an absolute minimum. With the GEA Adia-DENCO®, data center operators can save up to 70 percent energy and can accordingly lower their operating expenses.


At Chillventa GEA will also premiere the new range of precision climate-control units GEA Multi-DENCO®. These units are designed for circulating air operation and will be available with approximate cooling duty of 5 to 130 kW. Thanks to the use of CFD simulation and inverter technology, GEA engineers succeeded in optimization of the air-treatment performance of the system, and in appreciably improving efficiency in comparison to its predecessor ranges. The new GEA Multi-DENCO® range will replace the GEA Denco T and E ranges in future.

Air coolers for standard and sophisticated cooling solutions

With respect to energy efficiency, air throw, and efficiency, the latest generation of GEA Küba market SP and SG commercial air coolers will set new standards. New motors reduce power requirements by 50 percent and at the same time increase efficiency to over 90 percent. The air-throw ranges have been considerably increased, and pressure drop has been significantly reduced. In addition, GEA has now appreciably simplified installation, improved the defrost process, and made the cleaning of all models in both series easier as a standard feature.

Coolers that use CO2 as refrigerant; new condensers

The new GEA Searle PGB 123H-EC gas coolers have been especially created for the use of CO2 as refrigerant. They are based on proven standard models made for conventional synthetic refrigerants, but use special heat exchangers to account for the characteristics of carbon dioxide as a natural refrigerant. At the fair, GEA will also present new and especially stable Searle condensers with advanced innovative design that allows a configuration of units up to 12 m long.

New VCe range of air coolers complements proven range

At Chillventa, GEA will introduce its new GEA Goedhart VCe range as an addition to its proven and very popular VCI range of ceiling-mounted air coolers. The new range is based on three fan sizes (630, 710, and 800 mm), which operate at 6-pole or even lower speed. The VCe range optimizes thermodynamic and energy efficiency, minimizes sound-pressure levels, and assures extremely low operational costs.

Brazed plate heat exchangers optimized for a maximum of heat transfer

Brazed plate heat exchangers from the GEA PHE Systems ConBraze series are truly appealing owing to their hydraulically optimized channel geometry and optimally adjustable asymmetry ratio for a maximum of heat transfer. The resulting gain in flexibility expands the scope of application of ConBraze and helps to save costs.


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