GEA software determines during planning the life-cycle costs of central air-handling units

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18. December 2007 L|plus| design software enables savings in power and costs

Life-Cycle Costs
Life-Cycle Costs
Life-Cycle Costs
Life-Cycle Costs
Wolf Hartmann, CEO of GEA Happel Klimatechnik GmbH, in Herne, Germany.
Wolf Hartmann, CEO of GEA Happel Klimatechnik GmbH, in Herne, Germany.

In the latest version of its design software, GEA Happel Klimatechnik GmbH, of Herne, Germany, has significantly expanded the software functionality. Beginning with the version Lplus 5.26, the design software calculates the life-cycle costs (LCC) of central air-handling units in the following ranges:  GEA CAIR, GEA ATpicco, and GEA COM4. Thanks to LCC calculation, it is already possible during configuration of the equipment to determine the influence that the energy-saving equipment features will have on operating expenses. In addition to equipment-specific data, Lplus also takes into account data on the type and duration of the planned application, the climate data at the installation site, energy prices, and determining financial conditions.

Since the share of energy costs for central air-handling systems often accounts for three-fourths of total life-cycle costs, the potential for savings through energy costs are enormous. As Wolf Hartmann, CEO of GEA Happel Klimatechnik GmbH, emphasizes, “Energy costs are often underestimated. Many will be surprised at the results presented by our new LCC calculation functions:  indeed, the increased initial expenses for enhanced equipment features often amortize themselves within 2 years.” The following factors especially have positive effects on reduction of energy consumption:  generous equipment cross-sections (which lead to reduced air velocities), installed units with low pressure drops, bypass circuitry for components not constantly required, energy-efficient fans and drives, as well as – particularly – energy recovery systems and intelligent control systems.

The latest version of the GEA design software Lplus allows calculation of the life-cycle costs (LCC, see chart) for the GEA central air-handling equipment CAIR, ATpicco, and COM4. This calculation function enables fast and precise estimation of how fast an energy-efficient equipment version will be amortized (graphics:  GEA Happel Klimatechnik).

To simplify the selection of optimal features, the design software Lplus compares a number of different equipment variants and visualizes the overall cost benefits of efficiency-enhancing measures. Planners can use such comparative presentations as argumentation aids when meeting with investors. The calculations performed by Lplus are based on the Eurovent Recommendations for Calculation of Life-Cycle Costs, and take into account important standards and regulation complexes (e.g., DIN V18599-3 and VDI 2067-1).

The present LCC calculation features are a constituent part of in-house GEA software, with the result that their use with potential customers is limited to designing cost- and energy-optimized central air-handling equipment together with their GEA specialists. Beginning in spring of 2008, however, the LCC functions will also be available through an operator-friendly interface in the customer version of Lplus.

The GEA Lplus CDs for Microsoft Windows can be requested free of charge from the following address:

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