Groovy Fin Cooling: minor groove, major cost savings

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19. June 2012 Innovative industrial cooler design by GEA Heat Exchangers improves efficiency by 25 %. A finned-tube heat exchanger improving efficiency by up to 25 percent is proof once more that GEA fully deserves the title "Best Innovator" in mechanical engineering. At the ACHEMA in Frankfurt GEA is featuring its air coolers with the catchy name "Groovy Fin Cooling" with a patented fin shaping that clearly reduces the "slipstream" or dead space behind the finned tubes. The user industries can look forward to smaller coolers with reduced space requirements and less power consumption by fans, in other words: reduced investment and operating costs.

GEA is a pioneering force in industrial air cooling and the global leader in this field. The central idea of using air instead of water as the coolant saves water resources and prevents the warming of bodies of water – and is the technology preferably used in regions where water is scarce. Air coolers essentially comprise finned-tube bundles and fans that generate an airflow to cool the gas or liquid inside the tubes. When the air flows across the finned tubes, it cannot reach the area located immediately behind the tubes because a dead space is formed on the side not facing the airflow. This meant until now that a part of the fins was not used as a cooling surface.

"Groovy Fin Cooling" means that the fins are grooved to guide the airflow behind the tube. The efficiency of the air cooler is increased by up to 25 percent. The environmental footprint of the air cooler – in this case the space requirement and the energy consumption – is also significantly reduced. If the customer uses the improved efficiency for higher cooling performance while retaining the same heat exchanger size, performance can be improved by up to 20 percent. Cleaning of the grooved finned tubes is the same as in conventional finned tubes, and the mechanical stability of the patented design is even higher. GEA can offer a variant with special protection for applications in aggressive ambient air conditions, e.g. in LNG terminals.


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44809 Bochum
Phone +49 234 980-1953

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