Infrared remote control supplements the GEA MATRIX control system

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23. August 2005 Put your climate in your own hands!

Infrared remote control
Infrared remote control

To match its new GEA MATRIX control system, GEA Happel Klimatechnik GmbH, of Herne, Germany, is now offering a new remote-control add-on that satisfies the most stringent of expectations for operational convenience.

It is harmoniously compatible with the latest line of GEA fan-coil units, and is effectively suited for all applications for which a wall-mounted control unit is not desired, or in which added convenience is expected. Such applications include conference rooms, meeting areas, open-plan offices, and many more. Its application is now in preparation for further GEA equipment such as air-treatment systems, warm-air curtains, as well as flat units.

Unlike simple, conventional models, the hand-held infrared transmitter features a display – and it functions with only four control buttons. It offers the same spectrum of functionalities as do wall-mounted control units, and also contains their logic systems. Pictograms enable intuitive control, and the user takes only a few seconds to enter his or her desired values. The connected air-treatment systems then provide the required air-conditioning climate – the remote control system means that you have “feel-good climate in your own hands”.

Air-treatment systems will offer various and different functions, depending on their types and models. They differ, for example, in the number of blower output levels, the presence or absence of return-air and mixed-air functions, and the possibility of louver adjustment. The number of functions offered by the hand-held transmitter can be adapted to match the air-treatment units being controlled. The hand-held unit then hides or shows, as required, the respective pictograms that are necessary: for temperature, blower output level, mixed-air and return-air functions, and louver settings. These features enable restricting the extent of functions, which simplifies remote-control operations for persons without experience.

Automatic functionalities can be quickly initiated to activate open-loop control functions in accordance with momentary requirements. The mute function, for example, suppresses the highest blower output level for air-treatment units – which means that the fans will operate even quieter than usual: e.g., during a conference. In the same way, the user can at the press of a button activate programmable modes of operation for normal-temperature operation, temperature-reduction mode, and bypass functions.

In addition to functions for control of the air-treatment equipment, the hand-held remote-control transmitter also features two additional ON/OFF buttons. These functions switch two floating (zero-potential) relays in the air-treatment unit that can serve for remote control of other equipment units. These possibilities enable fast and easy control of room lighting, projectors, and louvers for darkening a room.

The hand-held remote-control unit is just 18 cm long and weighs 200 g. It is delivered together with GEA fan-coil units. The receiver unit is already installed and wired up in the GEA Top-Geko fan-coil unit. With the GEA Cassette Geko fan-coil units, the only additional work is click-on installation of the receiver head on the ventilation grating. Retrofitting of the fan-coil units with infrared remote control is also no problem, since the units are already prepared.

These infrared systems have long operating range. Two hand-held transmitters can also be operated at the same time in one room – in an open-plan office, for example. The use of pre-selected transmission frequencies enables such parallel remote control without interference.

This hand-held remote-control system, however, offers benefits not only by saving steps to the wall. To take one other example: the user can lock away the small unit and prevent conference participants and building guests from making undesired changes to air-conditioning settings. Operators of public buildings or centres hosting large events will especially appreciate this aspect. In addition, another major aspect is the fact that – in case of renovations – no lines need to be installed in or on the walls for the remote-control units.

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