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21. March 2011 GEA Air Treatment at the trade fair ISH 2011<br> Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 15 to 19 March 2011, in Hall 11.0, Stand B91

The GEA presentation this year at the trade fair ISH 2011 is focused extensively on energy efficiency and sustainability. Here you will find the contents of the press kit.

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GEA SepTex® filters > read more
GEA Delbag filter solution offers microbiological protection
SepTex® filters against bacteria and mold

GEA MultiSafe filters > read more
GEA MultiSafe safety filters:  the filter solution for clean rooms
Avoiding contamination

GEA Ceiling outlets > read more
GEA Delbag filter solutions for laboratories, hospitals, and industrial applications
Ceiling air outlets for extra-pure room air

GEA Fricostar Micro > read more
Further development of the GEA Fricostar Micro dehumidifier for swimming pools
Better than ever

GEA CAIRplus > read more
GEA CAIRplus air-handling units: additional features
Adiabatic cooling ex works

GEA ECOFLOW > read more
The GEA ECOFLOW optimized liquid-coupled heat exchanger system
Optimal exploitation of throughflow area

GEA Fan coil units > read more
Efficiency increase as a result of EC fans and controlled air outlets
GEA fan coil units even more energy-efficient

GEA HeaMo > read more
Hybrid solution for heating and cooling extended to series production
The GEA HeaMo is now even more economical and versatile

GEA COM4plus > read more
Central air-handling unit GEA COM4plus with direct evaporator
Saving energy with pre-configured solutions

GEA Ultra-Denco > read more
Optimized equipment configuration reduces operational costs
Energy-efficient HVAC climate control of computer centers, with GEA Ultra-Denco close control systems

GEA BluAstrum > read more
GEA ammonia chillers achieve ESEER ratings of over 8
BluAstrum:  compact and efficient

GEA GG Heat exchanger > read more
Heat-exchanger portfolio expanded with the GG range
Corrosion safety in drinking-water segment

GEA CDH Heat exchanger frames > read more
Cost-optimized CDH heat-exchanger frame range
Concentration on the essentials

GEA NT Heat exchanger > read more
The GEA NT range is rounded off downward
Heat exchangers for building utilities

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