More efficient heat exchange with the new NX80M heat exchanger plates from Kelvion

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18. January 2017 On the basis of the heat exchanger plates of the N series, Kelvion has developed a new type that allows even better heat exchange: the new NX80M plate. It rounds off the NX series, which already included the following plates: NX25M, NX100X, NX150X, and NX250L. The special design of the NX plates enables temperature differences between media of only 1 K.

Kelvion NX80M
Kelvion NX80M

The plates are therefore optimal for applications for which only a slight logarithmic temperature difference and, in turn, a higher NTU value, are expected. Although satisfying the same performance requirements, they enable design of highly compact, gasketed heat exchangers. Their benefits can especially be effectively exploited, for example, in beer refrigeration, and in particularly demanding climate-control applications. Thanks to design pressure up to 30 bar g (test pressure of 39 bar g), heat exchangers with NX plates can also be connected to networks with high riser piping: e.g., in skyscrapers and in district cooling networks.

The NX series offers the characteristics familiar from the N-series models (e.g., the NT plate): including OptiWave design, EcoLoc gasketing, and PosLoc installation. OptiWave features optimized corrugation of the plates, which ensures ideal flow over the entire width of the plates, counters ineffective flow distribution, and reduces the surface area required. The EcoLoc system allows the exchange of non-adhesive seals without special tools, and the PosLoc system assures that the plates automatically align properly during installation. These two benefits lead to significant time savings during installation and to a perfectly sealed plate pack.

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