New heat exchanger technology for air-cooled liquefied natural gas facilities (LNG): DIESTA

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13. May 2015 GEA Batignolles Technologies Thermiques and Wieland Thermal Solutions, in partnership with Technip, invite you to discover their new DIESTA heat exchanger technology for air-cooled LNG plants, at the World Gas Conference 2015 to be held in Paris from June 2 to 5, 2015.

The new DIESTA technology
The new DIESTA technology

GEA Batignolles Technologies Thermiques, Wieland Thermal Solutions, and Technip have developed a new technology to boost efficiency for air-cooled liquefied natural gas (LNG) facilities: DIESTA, short for “dual internally and externally structured tube for air-coolers.” DIESTA is a combination of two established technologies for the outside and inside of a tube, the key component of an air-cooler. For this development, the EPC company Technip and Wieland Thermal Solutions, specialists in heat transfer, have been associated with the air fin cooler and heat exchanger experts GEA Batignolles Technologies Thermiques.

DIESTA technology typically allows increase in LNG production by 2 to 3 %, while taking advantage of compression power savings. Moreover, the equipment footprint can be reduced by up to 20 % due to a more compact design. Finally, the reduction in specific fuel gas consumption lowers CO2 emissions.

The consortium has chosen the World Gas Conference 2015 in Paris to formally launch its new technology. A presentation will take place during the Gas Processing Interactive Session on June 4, and specialists from these three companies will be available at their respective booths (J36B for GEA BTT and J16 for Technip) to welcome and inform LNG specialists about their innovation.

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