Optimizing the viscosity of MGO with Kelvion skid-mounted coolers

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06. September 2016 To enable use of marine gas oil with low sulfur content, despite its low viscosity, passive cooling with sea water or fresh water offers an effective solution. Compared with systems with chillers, passive cooling solutions enable lower operating costs and require less maintenance. As a rule, the use of Kelvion MGO coolers lowers the temperature of fuel to 35 to 40 °C, which achieves a viscosity of 2 to 3 centistokes (cSt): suitable for the operation of most engines.

Plate heat exchangers from the Kelvion NT range are the core components of MGO coolers.
Plate heat exchangers from the Kelvion NT range are the core components of MGO coolers.

Kelvion offers not only individual heat exchangers, but also complete skids. These skid-mounted solutions include heat exchanger, piping, and the required fittings on a space-saving frame – with drip tray if requested – all assembled and completely mounted to provide a compact cooling system. A three-way valve controls the cooling function. The valve position regulates how much of the MGO is directed toward the cooler, which is followed by mixing of cooled with non-cooled fuel to achieve the required temperature. A manually operated three-way value is suitable for assuring mostly constant operating conditions. For operation with fluctuating temperatures, a more effective solution is a skid with automatic valve, actuator, and thermal sensors.

The core component of these MGO coolers is a gasketed plate heat exchanger from the Kelvion NT range. NT coolers with their optimized OptiWave design assure uniform flow onto the entire width, which improves heat transfer. This enables the use of only a small overall heat exchanger surface area to achieve a certain required cooling duty. The NT range likewise offers the benefits of simple handling, maintenance, and assembly: the self-centering plate system assures flawless alignment of the plate pack during assembly, and the gaskets without adhesive are exactly positioned and thereby remain fully functional longer. For cooling with fresh water, stainless steel plates (AISI316) are effectively suited; for sea water duty, titanium plates are available.


Kelvion at SMM, Hamburg, 6 to 9 September 2016, Hall A3/Stand A3.216

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