Pressure-stable: brazed plate heat exchangers of the Kelvion GBH-HP series for applications up to 140 bar

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14. October 2016 With its brazed plate heat exchangers of the GBH series, Kelvion offers especially robust models for applications at operating pressures up to 140 bar and temperatures from -40 °C to +150 °C.

Kelvion plate heat exchangers in the GBH-HP series
Kelvion plate heat exchangers in the GBH-HP series
Kelvion plate heat exchangers in the GBH-HP series
Kelvion plate heat exchangers in the GBH-HP series

Effective applications of these heat exchangers – manufactured from embossed stainless steel plates and brazed with copper – especially include sub- and transcritical CO 2 heat pumps and refrigeration systems, oil coolers, as well as heat transfer in industrial heating and refrigeration systems and in power plants. Their pressure frame is especially stable and designed for long service life, to ensure long-term and effective operation under great operational pressures. The two largest model ranges GBH-HP 700 and GBH-HP 1000 are equipped at the factory with the patented Safety Chamber™. This chamber compensates for stress from heat shocks and pressure pulses, which would otherwise lead to leakage. To provide this protection, encapsulated contact points around the connections absorb forces that occur during overload. The smaller GBH-HP 500 is available with simple stainless steel heat exchanger plates, or also with double-wall plates – which prevent mixture of the media in case of leaks. In use of models from the 500 range as evaporators, the Full-Flow System ensures optimal flow around the fittings and thus prevents freeze-up in the flow tunnels. In addition, all series (500, 700, and 1000) are available in so-called AE versions, with patented Delta Injection™ for evaporator operation. In these models, a special system integrated in the stainless steel plates assures effective distribution of the refrigerant in the tunnels, which increases evaporator output.

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