Rugged shell and tube heat exchangers for the cleaning of tank containers

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21. November 2013 GEA Heat Exchangers, with its GEA Bloksma-Fryer NHP shell and tube heat exchangers, presents a new series that was developed to meet the requirements encountered in the cleaning of 25-ton tank containers. These heat exchangers are designed for pressures up to 300 bar, and are effective for operation with steam, overheated water, or thermal oil. Models from the HNP series can be easily uninstalled, which means easy access for service and cleaning staff. As a result, the heat-exchange surface can be mechanically cleaned, which extensively eliminates the need for chemical cleaning.

A GEA Bloksma-Fryer NHP shell and tube heat exchanger
A GEA Bloksma-Fryer NHP shell and tube heat exchanger

The individual units are produced from standard components, according to customer specifications, for output from approx. 100 to 2,500 kW. The great number of standardized elements used here includes components with standardized pipe sizes, diameters, and intervals; case cross-sections; covering elements; and operator-control components. These possibilities enable several hundred combination variants. The six available sizes of shell diameters lie between 168 and 406 mm. In addition to standard lengths of 1,200 and 2,500 mm, special dimensions are also available.

Approximately 5 % of the heat-exchange surface is redundant, which allows the involved pipes to be plugged in case of a leak. If less than 95 % of the heat exchange surface is active, it is possible to easily exchange the shell and tube assembly. GEA Bloksma-Fryer NHP shell and tube heat exchangers satisfy all stipulations for operation in the European Union, to include the regulations in PED 97/23-CE.

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