Separating substances using PLUTO mini-desublimators

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19. June 2012 Substance separation using GEA desublimators: smart, sustainable, customized.

PLUTO mini-desublimator
PLUTO mini-desublimator

The principle has simply been copied from nature: The formation of hoarfrost in winter is a result of desublimation. Air-bound moisture turns to its solid state, i.e. forms ice directly on cold surfaces. GEA Heat Exchangers engineers are using this physical principle for substance separation in the PLUTO mini-desublimator for tank breathing and thus reducing emissions to the environment, for recovering valuable raw materials or protecting downstream vacuum generators – and the unit is being featured at ACHEMA in Frankfurt/Main, Hall 4, Stand F44.

The gas mixture comes into contact with cooled lamellae in the PLUTO unit. Here the gas component to be separated desublimates at or below its triple point and adheres to the cold surface in crystalline form. The PLUTO unit is split into several sectors to prevent too much of the substance being deposited close to the gas inlet. These sectors are adapted individually to each process requirement to achieve optimum results, i.e. separation efficiencies of over 99.5%. As soon as the desublimator is loaded, the solid product is melted off. A continuous process is possible by using a minimum of two desublimators. The PLUTO unit can be supplied in all weldable materials and can be used across a wide temperature range of between -20 and 350 °C as well as within a pressure range between vacuum and 10 bar.

If substance separation by desublimation is possible, the GEA mini-desublimator is superior to other separation processes such as scrubbing with solvents not only for cost reasons, but also from an environmental viewpoint. There are no solvents to be disposed of in the desublimation process and both product purity and separation efficiency are higher.


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