The GEA plant in Gaspoltshofen, Austria, launches production of the new GEA CAIR line of systems

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23. June 2006 The new generation of GEA air-handling and dehumidifier systems is now available throughout Europe

GEA plant in Gaspoltshofen, Austria
GEA plant in Gaspoltshofen, Austria

The starting gun sounded with conversion of the GEA plant in Gaspoltshofen, Austria: The air-handling units in the new GEA CAIR line are now available throughout Europe. They supersede their predecessor systems ATplus and ATpicco. A few months ago, GEA likewise re-tooled its plant in Wurzen (Germany, near Leipzig), which primarily serves German, Polish, and Dutch markets. At the same time, the line of air-conditioning systems for indoor swimming pools, GEA Fricostar, was modified to match GEA CAIR. In Gaspoltshofen on 23 June of this year, the GEA team celebrated with its customers and business partners the completion of these plant conversions.

On 23 June 2006 the staff of the GEA plant in Gaspoltshofen, Austria, celebrated with customers and business partners the successful conversion of their plant to production of the GEA CAIR line, and of the new GEA Fricostar dehumidification systems.

Investment in advanced machines was a key step toward assuring optimal production of these air-handling and swimming-pool air conditioning systems. The Wurzen and Gaspoltshofen plants each operate new press working and shaping centres, as well as new metal-sawing centres with fully automatic feed system and multi-axis processing. The result: enhanced flexibility and quality – and the very best prerequisites to assure the great versatility offered by the latest models from GEA Fricostar und GEA CAIR.

Customized air
The extensive diversity of the GEA CAIR line forms the basis for its name:  the acronym “Cair” stands for “customized air”. These air-handling units serve for ventilation, filtration, heating, cooling, as well as humidification and dehumidification of air. They are available for air-flow rates from 500 to 208,000 m³/h (at 3 m/s in inside cross-section). A precisely coordinated longitudinal grid and a broad spectrum of available installation sizes ensure that the optimal unit exists for practically any application:  in retailing, industry, hotels and catering, and health facilities. Customers have a choice among a total of 68 unit cross-sections, including the 6 flat-unit cross-sections of the picco line of models.

GEA CAIR:  the new basis for swimming-pool air-conditioning systems
The air-conditioning systems for indoor pools in the GEA Fricostar line also now have a new basis. The Fricostar models are designed for use in private swimming pools, hotel pools, public swimming facilities, and leisure swimming centres. They operate in recirculated-air or mixed-air modes. With the exception of the small cabinet units, the GEA Fricostar portfolio of models will, beginning now, be constructed on the basis of the framework structure and of the basic engineering of the GEA CAIRplus systems. The improvements in this development will above all be associated with a widely diversified spectrum of geometry and performance, in addition to numerous enhancements involving energy efficiency and hygiene. All of this means that GEA Fricostar now represents the most extensive equipment portfolio for dehumidification of indoor swimming pools on the European market. These models, available in 3 corrosion-protection classes, have additionally been upgraded by addition of new control software for energy-optimized and demand-oriented operation. This software allows, in series version, parallel operation of up to 3 units.

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