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07. September 2010 GEA Heat Exchangers is exhibiting system solutions at the SMM to reduce NOx and SOx emissions / Hall 3, Stand 240.

At this year's SMM in Hamburg the emphasis is very much on environmental protection and sustainability and is predicated by the international provisions of the IMO to reduce pollutant emissions in shipping traffic by 80 % in stages by 2016. At this leading trade fair (7th- 10th September) in Hall 3, Stand 240 GEA Heat Exchangers is exhibiting innovative system solutions for the marine industry to achieve sustainable reductions in NOx and SOx emissions. The international technological leader in the heat exchanger sector is represented by no less than three companies at the international leading trade fair: GEA PHE Systems, GEA Bloksma and GEA Maschinenkühltechnik.

Even in the first stage stricter environmental provisions have applied since July 2010 for the pollutant emission of sulphur oxides and nitrogen oxides in the high-traffic emission control areas, where the sulphur content has to be reduced to 1.5 %. At the SMM GEA is exhibiting two innovative plate heat exchanger models that achieve sustainable reductions in NOx and SOx emissions: The NT Series for efficient cooling of light fuel oils for combustion with less residues and the GEAShell as heater and cooler in LNG or LPG operation.

With a newly developed waste gas recooler to lower emissions GEA is making its contribution to reduce NOx emissions with a technically efficient solution. The system reliably cools the waste gas temperature down from as high in part as 650°C to 50°C, before the waste gases are fed to the combustion air. This results in a sustainable reduction in the NOx emission level during the combustion process.

GEA is also exhibiting its established systems for the machine room at the SMM. The focus here is on the "Boxcooler" series. The maintenance-free oil-water coolers are installed in seawater chests and constantly flushed with seawater. This means that the water required for the cooling process is guaranteed to be kept outside of the ship. A special coating of the tube bundle safeguards the unit against corrosion and increases the service life to up to 25 years. All Boxcoolers can be fitted with a separate or integrated ICAF system. ICAF stands for "Impressed Current Anti Fouling" and constantly prevents deposits on the tube bundles. The special design of the seawater chests guarantees that the system is adequately cooled even when the ship is at a standstill.

In the future the shipbuilding industry will increasingly be calling for system solutions where the individual components are tailored exactly to match each other. Firstly in order to achieve further cost reductions, and secondly to increase efficiency. The companies cooperating under the umbrella of GEA Heat Exchangers, as the technological leading component supplier, have long viewed their role as system providers, fully exploiting synergy effects in development.

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