Sugar Production

Frigate Cooling Towers for Sugar Production

New Frigate cooling towers save on space and time. Kelvion has developed a solution to meet the challenges of installing cooling towers at sites where space and time are limited. Enter the new Frigate model which comes in pre-assembled blocks and can be erected straight from the delivery truck.

Inspiration from the air
The Frigate cooling tower is a version of the successful Polacel CMDR range and named after the Frigate bird that can stay airborne for a week and is famed for its speed and endurance.

It takes just a day to assemble the blocks and less than a week to install optional accessories, such as attenuators and stairs. This new model also comes with Kelvion design essentials: durable materials and proven thermal properties, as well as our ability to match customers’ individual cooling demands, water quality and noise restrictions.

The Frigate is a great asset to our portfolio and an ideal option for data centers, industrial sites and small-scale power generation where space is restricted.

First customer
Our first customer was a sugar factory in France. The order was placed at the beginning of 2020, which meant we had to transform the Frigate concept into a reality within five months.

During the detailed engineering phase, we held bi-weekly meetings with a multi-disciplinary team. Then we had a trial assembly at our Doetinchem factory in the Netherlands to make sure the blocks fitted perfectly. Our development team monitored the assembly and filmed it for training purposes.

The result
Since the first Frigate was delivered to the sugar factory successfully, Kelvion has received an order from a chemical site in Germany and is quoting for data center projects on three continents.

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