Hydraulic Belt Tensioner for Refinery

Kelvion strongly recommends looking at efficiency and energy savings across all Fin Fan units.

In 2018, Kelvion completed airside revamps on 42 forced draft Fin Fan units located in a UK Refinery.

The revamp included a Belt Tensioning Device - compared to their other Fin Fan units, the customer saw  energy savings of  roughly 5% due to the belts always having correct tension.

The customer's maintenance team would typically spend 4 hours per belt tension or pulley inspection mostly due to typical tension bolt set-up. With the Belt Tensioning Device in place they spend 15 to 20 minutes for the same work, with less risk of hand injuries as well.

As the belt and pulleys have correct tension and alignment, the MTBF is reduced as well, meaning less unplanned maintenance stops.

Having installed the Belt Tensioning Device, the client saw the following:

► ~5% in energy savings
► zero hand injuries on the units with the device
► 80% reduction in maintenance time
► reduction in production losses due to unplanned maintenance stops

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