Cooling oil effectively on a small footprint – with Bloksma PF coolers

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06. 09. 2016 The PF cooler range from Kelvion is designed especially to cool oil. These coolers are shell-and-tube heat exchangers in which not every individual tube is provided with cooling fins: instead, all tubes mutually use a common bundle of cooling fins for enhanced heat exchange. PF coolers achieve significantly better heat transfer than do non-finned shell-and-tube heat exchangers, with the result that they offer the same cooling duty with a unit that is approx.

Kelvion Bloksma PF Oil Cooler
A Bloksma oil cooler from the PF range – here with its shell opened for viewing. These coolers are effective, for example, in the cooling of transmission oil or for cooling of MGO and MDO.

25 % smaller and lighter than conventional models. The oil flows through the fine finned structure with low pressure drops and transfers its heat to the cooling medium that flows through the heat exchanger tubes.

Double-O-ring seals ensure reliable separation of the medium with this design. Both the cylindrical form as well as the inner configuration of the coolers enable great stability and only slight susceptibility to vibration. PF coolers are designed for operations at a maximum of 120 °C and up to 10 bar(g) in the interior of the tube bundle, and up to 16 bar(g) on the oil side. 

Four different diameters, from 95 to 273 mm, and various lengths from 250 to 3600 mm are available for selection, to ideally match the coolers to the cooling requirements and mass flow required. As a result, they are effective both for the cooling of lubricating and transmission oils, for example, and for fuels such as marine diesel oil and marine gas oil. The largest model can cool up to 2500 liters of oil per minute. To allow for various installation situations, the water entry and the outlet can be arranged on the same side face, or on opposite sides. For application with sea or river water as cooling medium, the marine versions (MV) are already outfitted with sacrificial anodes for corrosion protection. For cleaning, the tube bundle is simply lifted out of the shell from both sides. Disassembly and assembly are simple, since each cooler is fitted with only four O-rings and only a few threaded connections.

Kelvion at SMM, Hamburg, 6 to 9 September 2016, Hall A3/Stand A3.216

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