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12. 03. 2009 GEA Air Treatment at the trade fair ISH Frankfurt am Main, 10 to 14 March 2009, Hall 5.0, Booth B95

GEA Air Treatment at the trade fair ISH
GEA Air Treatment at the trade fair ISH

GEA COM4plus > read more
New compact air handling units for medium rates of airflow
Plugwired: GEA COM4plus

GEA Campos > read more
An end to bad air
Compact air handling unit GEA Campos for small objects

GEA CAIR > read more
Energy-efficient overall solution for department stores, market halls, and companies
GEA CAIR with integrated cooling

GEA Fricostar Micro > read more
Effective and space-saving dehumidification of air in indoor hotel and private swimming pools
Powerful, comfortable, and compact: the GEA Fricostar Micro

GEA HeaMo > read more
GEA HeaMo combines heat pump with chiller
Warm and cold at the same time

GEA MAXX Ergo > read more
Ventilate and heat halls more efficiently with GEA MAXX Ergo
Lower costs with a combined circulation system

GEA Freecooling > read more
Up to 50% savings with the chillers GEA Freecooling GLFC
Energy-efficient cooling throughout the entire year

GEA Piccotron > read more
The GEA Piccotron room-air cleaner
The clean man under the ceiling

GEA MPower-Geko > read more
Recirculated-air fan coil units for installation above suspended ceilings – quieter and more powerful than before
More selection, more power: the GEA MPower-Geko

GEA Drive for Flex-Geko > read more
GEA Drive for the GEA Flex-Geko Comfort Edition fan coil unit
Optimal air flushing of rooms, also at low fan speeds

GEA Convectors > read more
GEA SKQ und SBQ: 24-volt technology for more safety
Cleaning-water resistant trench heater

Plate heat exchangers > read more
GEA PHE Systems is exhibiting new series of plate heat exchangers
Innovative triple

Background information > read more
GEA Air Treatment exploits energy-saving potentials
Air Eco2nomy – more than just a slogan

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