Green power full speed ahead – heat exchangers from Kelvion. For greater efficiency on shipboard and reduced pollutant emissions

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22. 07. 2016 Under the motto “Green is the color of our solutions,” Kelvion at this year’s trade show SMM will present components to enable the merchant-marine industry to enhance its efficiency and/or to reduce NOx and SOx emissions. For example, MGO plate heat exchangers, pre-assembled on a rack, serve to cool low-viscosity gas oil – which minimizes the formation of sulfur compounds in fuel tanks.

Kelvion Exhaust Gas Recirculation Cooler
Exhaust Gas Recirculation Cooler

In addition, high-pressure exhaust gas recirculation coolers effectively reduce nitrogen oxides in the exhaust of large diesel engines. The filtering of exhaust gases from gas turbines is, in turn, successful with Kelvion shell-and-tube seawater coolers with vacuum systems – which function as surface condensers. The Kelvion Marine Gas Oil Cooling System (MGO) also serves to enhance efficiency: it filters gas oil and moderates its temperature, which increases its viscosity and improves its calorific value.

Presentations will be rounded out with the Bloksma FlowBox, at its world premiere. This maritime cooler for tugboats, freighters, dredges, and supply ships develops greater cooling effect than do conventional box coolers, thanks to demand-controlled forced circulation of the cooling seawater.

Kelvion at SMM, Hamburg, 6 – 9 September 2016, Hall A3, Stand A3.216

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