The new Bloksma FlowBox cooler for cargo and working ships combines the benefits of box coolers and plate heat exchangers

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06. 09. 2016 With its Bloksma FlowBox, Kelvion offers a high-performance maritime cooler for tugboats, freighters, dredgers, and supply ships. Especially in stationary service, the FlowBox allows appreciably greater cooling duty than do conventional box coolers with the same dimensions. To achieve these benefits, the FlowBox implements demand-controlled forced circulation of the cooling sea water.

Kelvion Bloksma FlowBox
Space-saving maritime cooler with forced sea water circulation: the new Bloksma FlowBox from Kelvion.

Even in stationary operation, the cooler accordingly offers greater output and – owing to its small footprint – still finds room, for example, in a double hull. In the interior of the FlowBox, U-shaped heat exchanger tube bundles ensure effective heat exchange to the sea water. These tube bundles are designed for media temperatures up to 94 °C and for operating pressures of 4 bar. In the cooling box, sea water flows around the tubes and leaves the cooler with a maximum temperature of 55 °C.

Since the operation of the pump can be matched to ship application conditions – normal speed ahead, slow speed, or stationary duty – the operating costs remain modest. Simple service and repair not least contribute to low life-cycle costs: the FlowBox can be disassembled and cleaned easily and without special tools, even outside a dry dock. Its design, with a reduced number of wear parts, reduces expense in stocking spare parts.

The Bloksma FlowBox from Kelvion is available in four different length/width dimensions, and with depths from 250 to 2000 mm – in offering the ideal model to match the required cooling duty. The enclosure can also be designed for greater cooling duty, in the event that allowing for retrofit of a cooling element is necessary.


Kelvion at SMM, Hamburg, 6 to 9 September 2016, Hall A3/Stand A3.216

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