Take a K°Ruise around the world of Kelvion

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08. August 2018 Visitors to the SMM trade fair, from September 4-7 in Hamburg will be invited to take a K°ruise around the World of Kelvion to see how heat exchangers can save energy, reduce emissions, improve safety and increase heat recovery. The company will be exhibiting a range of products for on-board and offshore plants and systems that offer safety, reliability and durability even in the most turbulent conditions at sea.

Take a K°Ruise around the world of Kelvion
Take a K°Ruise around the world of Kelvion
Take a K°Ruise around the world of Kelvion
Take a K°Ruise around the world of Kelvion

LNG / Gas Engines where Kelvion's Shell and Tube Double Safety Heat Exchangers ensure safe and efficient gas preheating for the regasification process on board of gas driven marine vessels. High pressure applications and cooling of compressors are just a few further examples of the vast application spectrum. Next stop is the engine room where one solution features Kelvion’s innovative Box Cooler. Optimally designed for maritime applications and made from the highest quality materials, the box cooler combines efficient, powerful cooling over a long service life. With its small footprint the Kelvion Box Cooler is the space saving solution in the sea chest or machine room. Low operational expenditure and low maintenance cost are features recommending the box coolers especially for smaller and medium-sized vessels. A complete outboard secondary cooling water circuit is being eliminated, dispensing with seawater pumps, filters, valves, and expensive seawater piping. On ships such as cruise ships, however, Plate Heat Exchangers are used. The K°ruise continues with a look at Scrubber Water Coolers which play an important role in scrubber systems, which are lowering a ship’s emissions by removing SOx particles from exhaust gas. Gasketed Titanium Plate Heat Exchangers with solid inline filter systems reliably cool the so-called scrubber wash water down to below 40°C with seawater before the scrubber wash water will be lead back to the scrubber. Also on show will be Heat Exchanger Coils for HVAC systems. Special fin profiles enhance heat transfer and maintain pressure drop at a moderate level, ensuring that crew and passengers keep cool in their cabins, even in the hottest climates. The high performance fin design, in conjunction with small tube diameters, leads to great capacity densities (minimum size, maximum capacity), and low air side pressure drops. Therefore, air conditioning with efficient low speed fans at lower noise levels is possible. All materials are suited for long life in marine conditions. The K˚ruise concludes by docking alongside the LNG Floating Storage Regasification Units (FSRU). Kelvion delivers tailored Heat Exchanger solutions to ensure safe and reliable Regasification of LNG for FSRU’s. Kelvions Laser Welded Cassettes Plate Heat Exchangers (LWC) currently offer the highest volume flow rate in the market. Operators in turn benefit from a reduction of required components. This reduces space requirements, installation cost and weight. The fully welded plate Heat Exchanger K˚Bloc is used for sea water preheating. The Kelvion crew brings operators safely to their destination. Kelvion service on Heat Exchangers keeps their K˚ruise in control. Service Excellence equals a satisfied customer. Kelvion uses a close-knit service network with trained technicians –worldwide! You receive everything from a single source – inspection, repair and exchange – promptly, punctually and technically sound. Further crew team members, which will be featured during the show, are Charge Air Coolers, Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers and Exhaust Gas Recirculation Coolers. Over the four days the Kelvion crew will be on hand to provide information and offer advice.

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