Towards a sustainable future

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We believe that ESG principles are crucial for securing our future as a strong and resilient company to provide long-term value for our customers and business partners. As a result, ESG is an important core component of Kelvion’s corporate strategy. We demonstrate our ESG commitment through our “R3” approach:

We aim to Respect all employees, Reduce unsustainable usage of resources and Report this approach transparently to our business partners and stakeholders.

Together with our employees, customers and suppliers, we are looking to a sustainable future, and our decision-making processes include both business considerations and ecological and social aspects. That’s the basis for our 360 degree view of our value and production chains to further improve performance, products and accelerating the growth of our company sustainably. We are fully committed to supporting our customers to support sustainable business and secure long-term success.

Please find here our ESG report 2022.

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