Oil & Gas

KºBloc supports plant's net-zero goal

When one of the largest oil refineries in Asia looked for the best solution for heat recovery in line with its net zero goal, the Kelvion KºBloc was the perfect choice.

The challenge
The customer is committed to sustainability and good corporate governance. To make its operations more sustainable, it wanted to use more of the energy that was already available through heat recovery.

The Kelvion K°Bloc fully welded plate heat exchanger is part of a package of sustainable solutions, working across a broad range of liquids, temperatures and pressures.

While the unit has been operating at the refinery successfully since 2020, technology supplied by a competitor had not performed as effectively. Now the customer is looking into the feasibility of switching the competitor heat exchanger with a KºBloc as well.

Unique benefits
K°Bloc is the result of decades of experience with demanding applications, more than 30 years of welded plate heat exchanger expertise and a commitment to continuous product improvement. Its efficiency, combined with a robust design makes it ideally suited to the demands of the oil & gas and chemical industries.

Another stand-out feature is that the KºBloc can be adapted to work at pressures of up to 43 bar.

The result
The excellent performance of the KºBloc has convinced the customer to consider acquiring a second unit.

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