La Défense, Paris

When ordering heat exchange equipment for a 171-meter high office building in the heart of Paris’ La Défense business district, the client laid down strict specifications for companies to fulfil.

Firstly, the units must contain stainless steel beams and drip trays.

Secondly, the company supplying them would have to agree to a factory inspection. The final stipulation involved performance testing in a third party laboratory. This last requirement proved to be the deal-breaker for the provider originally selected to complete the order.
At Kelvion, such is the confidence in the excellence and integrity of our products that we were more than happy to comply. The client was very satisfied with the tests and factory visit and also impressed by our solid global reputation.

We supplied three units from the Kelvion NT and NX range which are used as the interface between the district cooling and building cooling networks. They are installed on a thermal program of 16 °C > 6/4.5 °C > 14.5 °C with high pressure resistance of 25 bar g. We also delivered six smaller units which perform cooling circuit separation and heating circuit separation duties in this prestigious building.

“We really appreciate the technical support and product quality from Kelvion. The Heat Exchangers perfectly meet the customer requirements and give 100% performance and satisfaction.”

Vincent Antoine, Project Manager at Engie Axima

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